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The couple had to try and figure out how to break the news to Olivia. They didn't know what to do or how to tell her, They talked to their parents and friends to get any advice at all but they had no advice at all either.

Olivia told Colby last week that she wanted to do something nice for Rebecca. She wanted to make her breakfast in bed and it was to be Rebecca's day. Olivia thought that Rebecca deserved to be pampered because she had been working so hard between her job and the commitments that came with that and trying to be the best "Mama" she could be.

Colby opened the bedroom door and Olivia followed, Rebecca was just beginning to wake up when he walked in with a tray filled with food

"We made you breakfast" Olivia said climbing up on the bed

"You did?" Rebecca sat up and placed her hair in a bun on the top of her head

"Well Daddy made you breakfast. I cracked the eggs.. he wouldn't let me touch the hot stuff"

"Good job, I'm glad you're responsible enough to know not to let her touch the hot stuff" she said Colby who sat the tray in her lap

"Ha Ha very funny" he rolled his eyes "You're lucky this is your day" he said

"Or else you would do what?" she pressed and he shook his head as he placed his lips to hers

"Gross" Olivia said causing them to break apart

"Later" she said to him and he nodded

"I'm holding you to that" he said

"Mama open your card!" Olivia pointed to the folded piece of white paper "I made it myself" she said

"It's beautiful" Rebecca said with a smile as she picked up the paper, there was crayons and markers used in the making of this card, there was a stick figure with brown streaks coming from the top of it's head "Is this you?" she questioned pointing to the figure

"Yeah.. and that's you" she pointed to the taller stick figure with orange streaks coming from the top of it's head "We're holding hands" she explained

"I can see that" Rebecca nodded before opening the card and pink glitter fell all over her and the bed

"Man.." Colby complained "Olivia you're supposed to glue the glitter down" he said "Now there's pink glitter all over my black bed" he said

"Oh you zip it over there" Rebecca said "Let's face it.. we all know you need more sparkle in your life"

"Sorry" Olivia apologized innocently

"Don't you apologize.." Rebecca said as she scraped the glitter off her shirt and placed it Olivia's hands "I think he's looking a little too plain.. maybe you should fix that" she said and Olivia ran around to her father and threw the glitter on him

"You're both cleaning this up!" he said sternly trying to put on his best angry face

"but it's my day!" Rebecca said with a smile

"Yeah. You want to have glitter all over your back when you make good on that promise?" he asked

"It'll give it an aesthetic"

"Oh god.." he shook his head at her as she laughed

"I made this one for my mom" Olivia said holding up the other piece of paper "Can we send it to her?" she asked and Rebecca looked over to Colby who looked away trying to avoid her eyes

"Um.." Rebecca hesitated unsure where to start

"Alright kid.." Colby said grabbing Olivia's attention "We need to have a talk"

"She's not coming back is she?" Olivia asked blatantly and the two adults stared at her "Nana told me that mom would never come back for me because she didn't like me" she explained

"Olivia when did she tell you that?" Rebecca asked

"I don't know" Olivia shrugged "before I met you" she added and Colby & Rebecca shared glances with one another

"I want you to know something right now.." Colby started "Your mother wanted to come back for you.. she loved you very much and she was getting her life together so she could provide the best possible life for you" he said

"Wanted?" Olivia questioned "That means she did not she does.. she doesn't want to come back for me?"

"Do you remember how I told you about how I was trying to have somebody find your mom?" he asked and Olivia nodded "Well I talked to him.. and he did find her" he struggled with his next sentence "He found her but Your mom isn't here anymore"

"Where is she?" she asked looking up at Rebecca

"You know how when people leave the world they go somewhere else?" she asked and Olivia nodded "Well.. Your mom is somewhere else now" she said

"My mom left the world?" she asked

"She did" Colby said and waited for the tears to happen but they didn't fall

"It's your fault.." Olivia said to Rebecca "She knew about you.. Nana said she talked to her before I came here and she told her all about you.." she explained "You made her sick again!" she yelled at Rebecca

"No.. No.. it's not like that" Rebecca shook her head "Olivia I promise you I had nothing to do with it" she said

"It's your fault!" Olivia screamed before she got off the bed and Rebecca followed her

"It's not my fault!" Rebecca yelled and Olivia turned around and hauled off hitting her as hard as she could at seven years old.. when she saw Rebecca wasn't moving she continued her assault and began hitting her repeatedly against her torso with her little fists

"You did it!" she screamed as she hit her and tears ran down her cheeks before Rebecca grabbed her arms and stopped her from hitting her and she pulled her into her chest tightly not letting her go as the little girl fought to get out of her grasp "My mom.." she cried into Rebecca's chest

"Shh.. shh.. it's gonna be okay.. You're going to be okay..I promise you, you'll be okay.. We will always be here.."

"Mama.." Olivia said through shaky breaths as she bawled her little eyes out and held onto Rebecca as Rebecca sat down in the middle of the master bedroom floor with Olivia still held against her chest "Mama.." she kept repeating as her fingernails dug into Rebecca's back as she held onto her like she was the last thing she had in the world

"I'm here.." Rebecca said and let her own tears fall now "I'm right here.." she said as she rocked back and forth with the little girl in her lap as she held her tightly "Mama's here.." she said

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