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A TIRED SMILE fell onto Hazel's lips as she walked into the girls' locker room, the other girls from the volleyball team filing in as well

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A TIRED SMILE fell onto Hazel's lips as she walked into the girls' locker room, the other girls from the volleyball team filing in as well. It had been a tiring game but they won, so it was worth it.

"Hey, Hazel, good job out there!" Indiana McNamara greeted when Hazel walked over, gong to her locker next to the younger's. She knew Indiana from the volleyball team when they both joined freshman year, and they've grown closer since.

"You too, Indie." Hazel smiled and opened her locker, grabbing her change of clothes and her bag. "You're still coming out for pizza with us, right?" She checked and looked to the brown haired girl just as she took her hair out of it's high ponytail. She watched as Indiana nodded her head, giving her a smile before walking towards the showers.

"Let me guess." Hazel jumped at the voice and turned quickly, seeing Marisol Blackmore, her platinum-blonde teammate, standing behind her with a small smile on her face. "You're bringing her and that Corbyn guy to the same place tonight, yeah? I saw him in the stand." She added, seeing the confusion on the younger girl's face.

"Yep." A smirk of mischief tugged at Hazel's lips as she grabbed her clothes. She left Marisol shaking her head as she pulled her phone out, shooting a quick text to Jack before heading to shower.

Indie's down for tonight
Just going to take a

We'll meet you guys
out front

Jack looked over as Corbyn Besson got up from the seat next to him on the bleachers. The two of them started down along with the rest of students, heading out of the gymnasium.

"So, good game, yeah?" He asked, attempting to make small talk to stall for time as they walked out to his red jeep.

"Mhm. I still don't get why you dragged me to it just so I could get pizza with you and Hazel afterwards. You really want to see me third wheel, don't you?" Corbyn asked and turned to his curly-haired friend, a smirk on his lips as Jack scoffed and shoved him slightly.

"Shut up. You're not third-wheeling, you know that." Jack mumbled, his cheeks turning pink but he chose to ignore it as he unlocked his car. That topic, not specifically the third-wheeling but what it implied, had come up too often today and it made questions arise in his head.

And what the answers were scared him a little bit.

"Yeah yeah, whatever you say." Corbyn shook his head and climbed into the passenger seat. Jack chuckled and hopped in the driver's seat, glancing out of the windshield. A smile tugged at his lips when he saw two girls making their way over, both of them with bags slung over their shoulders and smiles on their faces. "Here they come."

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