Hey everyone! Well this is my new story that I am doing for the Young Writers Program for Nanowrimo. Its where I have to write a story in 30 days (November 1st - 30th) and reach a certain word count. Since I chose to do the YWP I got to choose my word count and I chose 25,000 words instead of the adult word count of 50,000. I hope you guys enjoy this story even if I don't get alot of time to edit it.!

I want to dedicate this whole book to my awesome friend Claudia! She has always supported me and encouraged me to feel confident in my writing even if I am really stubborn and highly negative of myself. She's probably one of the best friends I've ever made online and I can't thank her enough. She has been there from the start when I was doubtful of posting my first story and I would always appreciate it. Hope you love this book I wrote for you! :D <3


:::Story Start:::

~~ Chapter 1 ~~

The early fall breeze made its way through my chocolate brown hair as I closed my eyes, enjoying the familiar earthy scent of the leaves that were flowing with the wind. The sound of birds chirping combined with the willow sound of the wind, creating a peaceful melody to settle in my ears.

I opened my eyes to take in the familiar view in front of me. I had finally returned to the place that I had always thought as home. The one place where you felt safe and welcomed no matter what happened.

I glanced over the cream painted exterior of the two story house, noticing that the paint had begun to chip away in some places over the years. The mailbox still stood tall, looking exactly the same as we left it though was filled with a stack load of letters and local advertisements. The strong fragrance of roses and tulips overtook the front yard, being raided by weeds that would need tending to. I eyed the overgrown grass that was slowly weaving its way through the gaps of the pavement that lead towards the white double doors of the house.

The calling of my name interrupted my trance, "Rose are you going to come inside or just stand there and stare at the house all day?"

I looked up at my mum who had spoken and noticed my family were standing on the front porch, directly in front of the doors. My mother stood there; hand on hip and an amused expression written across her features. She had brown straight hair that I had inherited from her, though her hair was styled into a bob haircut that made her look younger. Brown whirlpools filled her oval eyes and were surrounded with long thick lashes that I thankfully also inherited from her.

Actually most of my features were given to me by my mother. Her natural perfect tan, nice pink lips and even her nose and ears mimicked my own. Though the only thing that I'm glad I didn't inherit from her was her eyes.

Don't get me wrong, her eyes were beautiful though it was my fathers' eyes that I was luckily given. His green emerald eyes with specks of whitish grey towards the centre were down right the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and I thank god continuously for giving me them, not literally though.

Other than that I looked nothing like him. He was tall and lean, measuring about six feet tall and had jet black hair that was usually combed neatly. Though after the five hour long flight today it was untidy and made him look younger. Less like a businessman and more like my dad.

A smile overtook his usual thin line lips that allowed me a view of his straight, white teeth. His hands were resting on the shoulders of my little sister, Kelly. Her hair was as black as coal that she gained from dad. The rest of her features mirrored mums. Brown eyes, tanned oval face, pink lips. We were basically twins other than the hair, eyes and age difference. She was only five where I was seventeen.

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