Season One: Rogue's Way- 21. Fear Toxin

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"It's still here? Why didn't they build over it?"

Ace walked towards the house and Penguin watched her as she walked up the steps and stepped onto the old boards mumbling things.


She started moving boards and he waddled towards her as quick as possible "I promised the person I got the address form we wouldn't move anything" he shouted at her as he walked up the old steps.

"It has to still be here, I know it is."

She was flinging away boards as quick as she could, she wasn't stopping. Not until she saw what she was looking for.

Falling to her knees she picked up the old ballerina jewelry box and Oswald watched in surprise as she flipped it open, she reached in and grabbed a necklace. It was silver and held a crystal pendant, the wind picked up and blew her hair from her face as Oswald stood behind her watching silently, the wind blowing at him.

"Did you know my father worked for Wayne Enterprises?" she asked loudly as the wind blew "He knew Thomas Wayne very well. We were almost respected in this town then the town blew up. We had my birthday in the kitchen over there, my parents had a party planned. Since the bridges were blown up my grandparents couldn't come see me. My parents tried to make me happy. Then Gotham was almost blown off the map."

Oswald could hear her voice breaking, he walked forward to where he was standing behind her "You never talk much about it."

"I didn't even talk to Selina about it. I wanted it to stay in the past."

Oswald placed a hand on her shoulder as he looked down at her "I may have done bad things. I may still do bad things. But, I can guarantee I will always be here for you, Aggie." She looked up at him and stood up as fast as she could, she walked away from him.

"Don't tell me that. Every single time someone tells me that they either leave me or get angry at me. I don't want you to-" she stopped as she looked out at the water behind the house, she closed her eyes and could feel the tears threatening to fall "I don't want to lose another person I give a damn about."

Oswald stared at her from where he stood on the ashes of the wood "What were you really going to tell me?" he asked making her turn around to face him, he was looking at her curiously "I want to know."

She stared at him "Mr. Cobblepot. I cannot tell you anything. I do want you to know though, that I am grateful for everything you have done for me, even taking me to my childhood home. I just don't want you to hate me. You have given me a roof over my head, nice clothing and anything I could ask for. After tonight, you will no longer have to worry about me" she said softly as she looked at him.

Oswald looked her in the face trying to get a answer, all he got was a distant look "Don't talk like you are about to do something stupid. I don't want to lose you, you have taught me what it is like to have a friend again" he told her as he frowned and looked down at his shoes "I could never hate you."

"Then remember those words."


Jim Gordon stood looking at the TV in the G.C.P.D where Jack Ryder was talking about his encounter with Ace and how she had snuck into his home to threaten his life.

Jim raised an eyebrow when he heard the name Scarecrow.

Harvey Bullock walked up beside him and smiled sarcastically as he looked at the TV "Wishing you would have let me send the brat to Juvie now?" he asked Jim with a look. Jim glanced at him but turned his attention back to the TV.

"Harvey, do you believe everything you hear?"

"After being your partner for all these years? Hell no I don't."

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