Season One: Rogue's Way- 15. City of Crime

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"Where are we?"

Oswald, Ace and ten of his henchmen stood in an abandoned alley, a sign hanging crooked read Crime Alley, it made Ace move closer to Oswald who was looking at bricks on the wall.

"A secret place, my dear." He knocked on a loose brick and it slid open, Oswald stared into the hole at the man with a mean look.


"Rogues, my dear man. It is freezing out here, let us in now!" Oswald snapped, the man closed the brick and opened the wall/door. Oswald grabbed Ace by her un-hurt hand and guided her inside, it was a small hallway before it turned into a huge room.

In the middle of the room sat a table with people in chairs, they turned as Penguin and Ace entered and Ace froze completely seeing a certain face.

"Oh. My. Gotham."

Victor Zsasz smiled and sent her a small wave as The Riddler, who sat beside him focusing on his cards, looked at the cards Zsasz was holding before looking up at the two who walked through the door, Ivy sat in a chair made of vines as she smiled at Ace, Firefly looked up with a smirk as Jervis Tetch chuckled and took a card out of his top hat.

Ace just stared at them. She was standing before the ones who were here before Gotham went under flames, before Gotham was rebuilt, these were some of the villains who survived it. Some of the villains who took over parts of Gotham.

As she stared at them she couldn't help but think there should be more criminals in this room, but stopped when she remembered that Gotham City had opened a better and more well guarded Arkham Asylum.

Oswald walked towards them with a fake smile "Tell me where he is?" Oswald demanded. Nygma pointed to the back and Oswald nodded before motioning to his men "One of you come with me. The rest of you stay with Ace. Watch her."

They moved to a back room and Ace stood there looking at them, was this really what they do in their free time? She thought as Ivy motioned to the chair beside her and Zsasz.

"Sit down, darling. I believe you know Victor?"

Ace slowly sat down as Zsasz grinned looking at her "Want to see the tally mark you helped me get?" he asked Ace and pulled down his collar revealing four tally marks on his neck "All I like is one more and it will be complete."

Firefly looked up from her cards "You keep on killing so quickly and you are going to run out of room" she said simply as she stared at him.

"I may add one more in a minute if you keep telling me that" he warned her, Jervis looked between them from where he was sitting across from Ace and frowned as he uncrossed his legs and sat up straight.

"We have a guest. This is no way to act. No, no, no" Jervis said as he looked towards Ace with a smile "Tell me young friend, would you like some tea?" he motioned to a teapot on the table behind him and Ace shook her head no.

Mainly scared at what Jervis probably would put in it other than sugar or lemons. Possibly, it would have whatever Alice took when she went down that rabbit hol

Ivy rolled her eyes "Why do I even bother coming here if you three are going to act like children" she snapped and Ace felt her chair jerk towards Ivy, she looked down to see a vine dragging her chair "Ace is not a test subject. Besides if you touch her, Oswald will murder you." Ivy laughed evil making Ace uncomfortable.

Edward Nygma looked up and raised his eyebrows "So, you are the one who keeps helping Oswald get on the Gotham Gazette?" he asked laying his cards down in front of him, Jervis tried to sneak a peek at them but Nygma smacked his hand before smirking at Ace.

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