Season One: The Beginning- 12. Where Do We Begin?

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Oswald stared down at Ace with a mixed look of anger and amusement "Well. I knew almost everything."

She took a step back but he followed her "You had a file on me this whole time? How long have you known about me?" She questioned as she backed up into the desk. He looked down at the floor for a moment before looking up at her.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" he said simply and cocked his head to the side "You ...this mammal man, there is something there that makes you dislike him. I needed a weapon against him and ...the next day you were in the Gotham Gazette. Simple honestly."

She looked down at the file in her hand then back up at him "You used me?" she said in surprise and closed her eyes "Every single word. Everything ...making me feel like somebody was all a plan? All of it?" she leaned back against the desk "Selina was right ...never trust a criminal."

Oswald waddled forward and grabbed the file from her hand, he threw it on the floor and stepped on it before she could grab it "Listen to me and not what you see or was told by someone else ...especially a wannabe cat" he said gaining her attention, she looked up at him in fear and it brought back to him the last time he had seen her, how he had scared the teenager.

He hesitated "At first ...I was using you" he admitted and looked at her calmly "During the moment when the fear toxin was overtaking you it scared me. The last kid I cared about ..I got put in Arkham Asylum because I was framed for his death. I will probably never forgive Victor Zsasz or Sofia Falcone but, I only wanted to keep a kid safe and ...I got put somewhere I did not belong for something I. Did. Not. Do."

Ace stared at him for a long time before gaining the courage to say "So that is what you didn't want to talk about?" he nodded as he looked at the file under his foot "I don't really ...know what to say to that" she admitted and frowned at him "But, I will say this. I am not some kid. Clearly you have had to see that, not just anyone can survive crossing the path of Scarecrow. Not just anyone can almost get away with a heist. I have taken care of myself through the years, I know the cost of living this life."

"I saw it, I assure you. Aggie" he said and taking a step towards her "I told myself to drive you away, you don't need someone like me in your life. Maybe Selina ...just maybe she would be a better mentor for you."

He turned to walk away and she grabbed him by his jacket "Hey! Don't walk away from me" she said loudly, he turned and looked at her in surprise "Selina ...she doesn't want to teach me anything else. And I want to be taught how to survive even more than I already know, the best person I can think of is a man that worked himself from the bottom to the top."

Oswald looked down at Ace with an aggravated look "Did you not just listen to a word I said? Everyone thought I ...everyone thought I blew a kid sky high, and yet you still want to learn under me?" he said in disbelief.

"You are my friend, no matter what they say. I will not abandon you. People talk. People spread rumors, it will never stop. But, some people are still good. I know it, I have seen it. I have seen how the G.C.P.D handles things, it isn't right. They treat people that are really innocent of some things like they are scum."

He tugged away from her and went to the window "Kid, you still have a lot to learn" he said shaking his head and looked out at the dark sky outside "There is a lot more to being a criminal than you think."

"Then teach me. That was the idea. The first day I met you ...I was running away from the GCPD. I want them to run away from me instead" she said and her hands turned into fist "I don't want ..." she stopped, he turned his head and waited for her to talk.

"I don't want to live life in fear. I don't want to be a simple street kid" she said and closed her eyes "I want to be a criminal. I want to be one of the best. I want to learn under Gotham's Legend's."

Oswald turned to Ace and stared at her with pursed lips, he tried to make sense as to why she would come back after his outburst, maybe, just maybe, it was because he had treated her he wanted to be treated.

Like a human, like a friend.

A smile came to Oswald as he looked at her "So, my young friend," he said as he turned to stare out at Gotham, she walked up beside him and looked at him, she could see him smiling that twisted smile of his she had come to know in the last week, the smile meaning he had a plan. She zipped open her jacket pocket and took out something placing it in his hand.

His Monocle. The thing that had been missing from his desk, he finally realized that she had stolen it. He took off his backup monocle and placed the original one over his eye.

"Where do we begin?"

Next Time in There Will Be Light

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Next Time in There Will Be Light.

"The Iceburg Lounge is becoming a hit, all thanks to my little Penguin Apprentice" Oswald said looking down at Ace who smiled smugly and crossed her arms.


"Welcome! To the Nygma Show!" Riddler throws his arms up and laughs as his crowd goes crazy, Ace looks up to Oswald with a raised eyebrow as he stared at Nygma in hatred.


"Well, well" Ace turned around and dropped the glass bottle of Root Beer wide eyed as she stared at the man in front of her who sported a red lipstick grin on pale skin "Just who are you?" he asked with a smile.


"Jack Ryder, I'm Ace. The street kid you wrote about" Ace said with crossed arms looking up at the journalist.


"Why do you not show fear?!" Scarecrow yelled, Ace put her hands up in fighting stance with a smirk.

"I don't fear anything, Crane."


"This City is filled with more crime than before it was destroyed" Barbara Kean said holding a glass of wine, she turned to Selina and frowned "I am worried for my daughters' future."


"I am not a man. I am not a hero" he spoke in a low tone as he looked down at Ace, her eyes widened as she sat on the ground trying to get up.

"I am The Dark Knight."

*To be continued in one week and four days*

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