Season One: The Beginning- 7. Penguin's Ace-Up-The-Sleeve

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Ace sat on the bed looking right into the closet, her new clothes hung on hangers while new boots lined the closet floor. The dresser now held a jewelry box full of bracelets, necklaces and rings, perfumes lined the bottom of the mirror, and dresser held new clothing items.

Soap, hair care, and shampoo had been put into Oswald's bathroom since she was allowed to use it, just to let him know when she would be using it so he wouldn't walk in on anything.

Ace crossed her arms and looked closely at the mirror, her new hair fit her better than the old had. She felt more alive and happy, maybe she has done the right thing by making a change.

Grabbing her pocket knife, she stuck it in her pocket before going out the door and towards Oswald's study, she knocked before entering and smiled as she entered. Oswald sat in his desk chair looking at the wall behind him, he turned his head around as she closed her door behind her.

"Ah, there is my Penguin Apprentice" Oswald said and chuckled as he looked towards the door, a map was set up on the wall with thumbtacks, he had been looking at the map to figure out his next plan.

"Wak-Wak!" she joked.

Oswald made a face before shaking his head "Never do that again, please" he whispered before standing up and looking at the map of Gotham, she flopped down into the chair in front of his desk and looked at the map with him.

"What are the red thumb tacks for?" she asked curiously.

Oswald pressed a red thumbtack into the Gotham docks "Those are where I have yet to trick the mammal-man" he said and leaned back into his chair, he turned to look at Agatha "I don't know how to trick him. Every time I set up ideas he is always there."

Agatha cocked her head to the side "Where are the red ones? I'm curious.." She trailed off and stood up to walk to the map.

Oswald watched the young girl as he put a new cigarette into his cigarette holder and leaned back into his chair taking a puff. Ace let her eyes roam the map of Gotham, she noticed a few things.

Gotham Docks, Gotham Waterfront, Gotham WaterTower, Gotham Sushi Restaurant, Gotham Aquarium.

A small laugh rose and she covered her mouth with her hand "Um, can I?" she asked, gesturing to the board. Oswald nodded and blew smoke from his mouth as she grabbed a black pen from the desk and walked to the board "Penguin, take a look."

She made circles around the places that connected "Docks.. Waterfront.. WaterTower.. Sushi.. Aqarium" she said as she circled and turned back to him, Oswald watched her with a confused expression "You honestly do not get it?"


A smile formed on her lips "Penguin, you are using everything that ...well, it connects to you" she explained as she pointed to each location "Everywhere you have gone for these deals connects with one thing. Water. Or, uh, Fish" she set the pen down as he watched her "Get what I am saying?"

Oswald stood up and looked at the map "Yes, yes. I see" he mumbled as he stared at it then turned to look at her "Is that how he always knows where I am?"

She nodded "I think so. Maybe if you switched it up a little, you just might be able to outwit him. Send some of your men to a place you normally might go for a deal and originally be somewhere else. Trick him."

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