Season One: The Beginning- 4. Penguin, King of Gotham

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"Teenager takes down three Scarecrow thugs while making one take his medicine. Next up on GCTV."

Selina turned around as the window opened and seen Ace climbing through, she raised her eyebrow at the teenager who held up her hands and winced as she shut the window behind her.

"I swear I was on my way here when it happened. I am sorry, I had to find a place to stay."

Selina turned off the TV and stood up from the couch, she crossed her arms and looked down at Ace who was standing by the window, ready to bolt if Selina started throwing hissy fits.

"What on earth were you thinking? I told you if someone starts to fight you, you flee! Even if it is one of Scarecrow's brain-dead goons" Selina said staring at Ace like a mother scolding a child for taking the last cookie from the tray. Ace frowned and turned her head away from Selina.

"I told you, I was on my way here whe-"

Selina put her hands on her hips "Where did you go? I was worried sick! Aggie, this kind of behavior is uncalled for, I told you when I took you in to never disobey me" Selina said and shook her head "I was up all night worr-"

Ace cut in this time "I stayed in a abandoned place on the outskirts of Gotham. I had to hide until the GCPD was through investigating or whatever the crap it is they do. Did you read the newspaper? Ryder made it seem like the Scarecrow idiots were the victim" Ace said and closed her eyes with a shake of her head "Selina, in case you haven't noticed, you are not my mom. My mom is dead. You took me in and treated me like a ...a worker, like you own me" she turned to the window "And its Ace."

Ace shot out the window so fast before Selina could say anything. Selina stood there watched the curtains blow from the breeze coming into the apartment, her eyes showed hurt while she clenched her fist from Ace's words.

"I wasn't trying to be your mom."


Oswald stared at the GCPD where reporters were talking to Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock, the newspaper in Oswald's hand crinkled up as he tightened it into his fist and glared at the man he has hated for ten years. The one person he thought he could trust and ...Gordon had betrayed him. While they had stand side by side to save Gotham, six months afterwards James Gordon through him in Blackgate.

No, hate was not a strong enough word for his feelings towards James Gordon.

He turned around and walked into the alley, his goons following behind him, Oswald looked down at the wrinkled paper in his hands and threw it at a goon by his side "What did you find?" he said when he seen a GCPD officer heading his way, a man on the inside is always needed.

The man hesitated before looking at Oswald "Her name is Aggie Elven. She works for Selina Kyle, Harvey Bullock has tried to get her thrown in Juvie many times, I have overheard him tell Gordon that after she is eighteen he will catch her and lock her up in jail" the man said and took a file out from his jacket, he handed it to Oswald.

Oswald opened the file and seena photo of a teenage girl with orange-brown hair, she was glaring at the camera and was wearing a black leather jacket over a band shirt. He moved the photo and looked at the information.

Aggie Casrael Elven aka ACE.
Age: 17.
DOB: July- Fourth
HEight: 5'3"
Weight: 175
Eyes: Blue.
Hair: Brown
Scars: Removal of Glass on Spine.
Residence: Gotham City
Gender: Female

Wanted For:
Theft, Street-Fighting, Underground Fighting, Driving without a License, Attempting to hit a officer, Possession of Fear Toxin, Possession of Deadly Plants.

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