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The night was colder than it has been the previous nights, the dying embers of the once flickering fire being the only source of heat. Aiya had fallen asleep near it as it died, trying to feel the warmth as she was swept off into slumber. In the air there was a gentle breeze that brushed against her skin, causing her skin to line with chills.

Due to something that had rustled the leaves earlier, she lied awake for a while after. Kinnon had gone to investigate what it was and had come back assuring her that they were safe. Something inside of her worried that they were not, but she trusted Kinnon's word. She had to trust him.

She had only just closed her eyes as her sleep slowly began to breathe her in when the sound of heavy breathing filtered into her ears. Her eyes opened and she looked through the fading smoke of the fire to Kinnon, who laid on his back and breathing heavy.

She sat up, "Kinnon?"

Was he having that dream again? Or was it even a dream? Could he honestly be seeing visions of the future?

She slowly stood up and circled around to the side of the fire that he was sleeping on, caution pressingly wildly against her mind. "Kinnon?" This time she called his name out louder.


He was shifting back and forth, sweat gathering around his face. Her mind flicked back to what he had told her at Ruune and she wondered if that was what he was seeing right now.

She sank to her knees beside him, and, truthfully, she was scared to try again. If this truly was some sort of vision, would it hurt him if he was woken up? 


He then winced as though he were in some sort of pain.

She gasped at his recoiling body as though he had been stabbed, her eyes searching him over in fear that something had shot out at him and actually hit him.

"Kinnon, please wake up." She reached out and touched his shoulder, jerking her hand back when he shot up from his laying position, his eyes wide awake.

He jumped to his feet and began pacing next to her, his hand pressed against his head as he panted with each step.

Aiya rubbed the hand that had touched his shoulder, trying to shove away the sudden fear that stabbed at her when he jumped up. "Did you have the same dream again?" She asked.

He stopped across from her and nodded, then proceeded to continue his pacing.

She swallowed and looked down, tugging a piece of grass from the earth as her fingers brushed against it. "Was it the same ending with the wat—"

"No." He shook his head, interrupting her.

She nodded, biting her lip.

He remained silent for a minute before letting go of a deep breath. "I saw a different ending."

She looked up. "You did?"

"After the darkness swallowed everything up, there was a golden light; a light so bright that I had to look away. When I looked back, winter had fallen down around me." He stopped, his facing looking as though he had seen a ghost.

"What is it?" She asked, standing up.

His eyes fell on her and her skin lined with chills.

"Kinnon, what's wrong?" She crossed over to him, stopping when he stepped back.

His eyes softened, but worry immediately lit within them like a flickering candle light. "I... I see two shadows..."

Aiya looked around but saw nothing.

"No, no," he said, his voice shaky. "In my mind... It's like they're just... just sitting there. I can feel them." He looked over to her with urgency as terrorainted across his eyes. He was afraid.

She stepped over to him and gently cupped his face in her hands, "Kinnon, calm down." She forced a smile. "Maybe its just your mind playing tricks on you from the dream." She said. But she didn't exactly believe her own words.

He reached up and held her right hand in his, "Maybe your right." Was she?

"What was the ending to your dream?" She asked, trying to get his mind off of the shadows that were plaguing his mind.

Breathing out, he nodded. "I... I saw footprints leading to a dead tree. Tangle around the tree were..." He stopped.

"Were what?" She asked.

"Two roses: one red and one white."

::Authors Note::

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::Authors Note::

Hello, my lovely readers! Again, this chapter is short purposefully. Something is happening in Kinnon's dreams! What do you think the snow, dead tree, and roses mean? Comment your answers! Thanks for reading!


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