the challenge

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princess pov

"princess come sit on daddy's lap", daddy called from the couch. i stopped my coloring and ran to him.
"yes dada", i sit on his lap.
"i have a dirty little challenge for you", he kisses my lips.
"otay", i giggle.
"on your knees", i obey and get on my knees.

he pulls down his pants.

"now i wanna see how much of my cock you can fit in that mouth of yours", he rubs his tip against my lips. "and if you reach my balls without gagging, you'll get something special"
"yes daddy", i grab his cock and put it in my mouth.

just the tip being in my mouth makes me gag. how would i get down the whole 10 inches of his dick. i gag hard as i try taking more, only resulting in another gag.

"take your time princess. it's not a race", i nod and slowly push my head down.

i try and ignore my gag reflex as i cough on his cock but keep going. by this time I'd probably only gotten two inches of him down my throat.

i started to pout knowing i wasn't gonna be able to get a reward after this.

"look princess it's okay. daddy will help you", he grabs my head and slowly slides his cock down my throat.

i push on his legs to stop but he keeps going. i panic and bite down. he quickly pulls back.

"no biting or you will be punished", my eyes widen and i cough up a 'yes daddy'. "now you're gonna take daddy's cock down your throat whether you like it or not", i nod and open my mouth.

he slams his half of his cock down my throat and a monster sounding gag erupts from my mouth followed by some spit up.

i cry from basically throwing up on daddy.

"come on go again", he grabs my head and does it again. i spit up again but this time more heavily. the clear liquid splatters on the floor and daddy pats my head as i cough up a lung.

"you ready for more princess?", i shake my head 'no', not wanting to spit up again. "come on princess, i know you want ice cream. if you do this i'll get you ice cream"
"fine", i sniffle.

we do this a few more times. every time daddy pushes my head down a few centimeters farther but i was still only half way.

daddy started to fuck my face. he was groaning and moan. while i was gurgling and gagging.

"uh! fuck princess, i'm gonna cum!", he kept going and with the last thrust he pushes my head completely down.

this surprised me. my body involuntarily started gagging like crazy but his warm cum shot up my throat. my eyes watered and my nose ran.

my chest felt so heavy. i needed to breath. he continued to face fuck me, not letting me up for air. i tried to plead him to stop but it was no use.

he finally let up. i coughed and ran to the little girls room. and threw up. ewwie. i had the worst gag reflex ever.

daddy came and held my hair and then cleaned me up. and guess what?!

i got ice cream!


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