princess parts

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princess pov

i rub my eyes as the bright sun hits my face. i roll around in my crib before opening the gate and getting out. i stumble into dada's room. he wasn't in there though.

where is you daddy?

"dada? where is you?!", i yell from the top of the stair.
"here i come, princess", he walks up the stairs and picks me up placing me his hip.

i was in my hello kitty night gown with my matching panties and slippers. the thin fabric allowed daddy's hip against my princess parts to feel good.

i hummed to myself and closed my eyes and we walked down the long stair case. he tried putting me down my i couldn't let go.

"no, dada. i want you to hold me", i snuggle into his neck and rub against him more.
"okay, princess. whatever you want", we go into the kitchen he pulls out pancake mix, sausage and eggs.

i wrap my body tighter against him as the feeling intensifies. he started to cook up the breakfast as i slowly grinded against him. i slowly pushes my panties to the side to i could feel it better.

i grinded hard, basically bouncing up and down. daddy started to rock me making my eyes close in pleasure. he finished cooking and put the food out to cool.

we went to sit on the couch. the bad princess inside me came out and i began uncontrollably grinding against him. he was taken by surprise when i held onto his neck for support.

i could feel the wetness of my princess parts on his joggers.

he slapped my ass, "is my princess horny?"
"yes, daddy. my princess parts hurt", i whine.
"daddy's gonna fix that problem"

he turns me around so that I'm sitting on his lap. he pulls me back against him and spreads my legs. he pulls off my night gown and takes off my soaked panties.

he spits in his hand before massaging my puffy lips. he rubs his hand on my tiny nub making my legs want to close. but he holds them open.

"does that's feel good princess?", he asks and i moan out.
"answer me with word, babe"
"yes daddy, it feels so good", i whimper.
"good", he starts to rub faster and faster.
"uhhh!!! daddy!!!!", i say squirting on myself.


"did you just cum, princess?"
"i sorry", i pout.
"such a dirty little princess aren't you?", i nod.
"couldn't control yourself because you were so horny", i nod again.
"but dada i want more"
"more?", i start to grind on his member and moan out his name.
"oh. so you're horny for daddy's cock, huh?", i lick my lips.

daddy pulls down his pants and sit on his member. i grind my pussy lips against his cock, leaving a trail of wetness. i do it faster and faster until i cum again.

only this time my orgasm was long and hard. my eyes crossed and my legs shook as i came. all the built up horniess finally released.

"you really were horny", dada smirks.


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