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Some Oral Topics for 4th tearm!

1/ Your favourite national holiday

Every year, the Vietnamese people celebrate their traditional holidays- Tet- on the first day of the new lunnar year. Tet in VN has important meanings.

Tet is a good occasion for those who live far their family to return home to meet each other and enjoy Tet together. On the Eve of the new year after offering presents to Gods and setting off five crackers to welcome the new year, the family sits round a table to have a talk. At this moment, the children will say to their parents the wrong things they did in the old year and they promise to correct their mistakes try to be better during the new year. Then they wish their grandparents, parents and sisters, brothers a happy new year. By this way, they are given much money as the present for the new year. Beside, everyone in the family has the opportunity to review memmories think of the late relatives and discuss what will be done in the new year.

In the following morning, the first day of Tet, people usually go to visit their relatives graves. They also go to the padoda to pray the good things for the new year. In addition, they go to visit their friends and relatives as well.

In brief, Tet is the happinest, most meaning day of the Vietnamese people.

2/ How the world will be in the future?

What will the world be like in the future? I think that future people will go through the same cycle of life and have the same problems as people today. They will be born. They go to school and a university. They will fall in love. They will find a job. They will grow old and die. But the way of doing these things will be diffirent. Their parents will choose their sex and physical characterities, and they will be conceived in test tubes. They will have electronic teachers that they only see on TV.

They will fall in love through computer dating. They will work at home with a computer hook- up to their jobs. They will grow old with transplanted otgans and die when they are 100 years old. Will the world is better? I think there will be lers disease but I think social problems will increase, and war will continue.

3/ An acident I have seen.

It was rainy day when few people ventured to walk out in the rain. I was standing at the verandach of my house, gazing with interest at the passing traffic.

All of sudden I heard a loud noise. An on coming car crashed at a nearby lamp-post. A big crowd had collected within minutes. The driver and the only passenger in the taxi were instantly killed.

Polimence, radio- patrolcars and ambulance, all arrived within minutes. The anxious crowd began to swell and within ten minutes the crowd had swelled to nearly one thousand.

The ambulance men didn't give any first-aid to the victim. The bodies were badly crushed and the victim were dead. The dead bodies were carried to the Cho Ray Hospital for a post-mor-tem.

By witnessing such experience, we gain more knowledge about the world and human sufferings.

4/ People travel

Everyone, young or aged, loved to travel especially to lands beyond the seas. Even animals, birds and inseets at the same place for a long time.

People travel not only to see things but also to meet and learn about other people in other lands. As we travel we see a variety of things. We see the hills, valleys, jungtes, lowlands, rivers and many other things that nature has created. These are indeed very beautyful things to observe. Looking at these things we improve our knowledge of geography and man's place in the world.

We also see how people in different parts of the world and live. In some places we see people growing crops or making machinery. In short, people do not do the same things everywhere. This, their ways of life are also different in different parts of the world.

5/ Successful small talk

The good conversations are affected by the different ability. There are some simple techniques that anyone can use tto start a conversation and keep it going. At first, we must be confident because it make us to succed easier. Then, we star conversation with a compliments or a question about the weather. You don't try to impress each other sometime, we can kill a conversation before it begins. We shouldn't talk about the sensitive problem such as money, religion, privacy family. We must try to listen carefully because this is polite treatment to other.

We don't compare and ask some questions about personal problems. Besides, we can us friendly body language in convention will fascinate and everyone feels comfortable. A pleasant conversation with anybody about anything only succeed when we know what we should talk. So, there is no secret to successful small talk.

6/ Modern life

We're living in modern socity and many thing have been change. Modern life help us to progress but it is also make us to destroy good custom in our culture. The manners have deteriorated and life style is also more comfortable. People while they are walking down the stresst. Even they can kiss and embrace in public. The techniques develop, they give us a modern life. However, they also make more noise and debris. For ex, the pollution in space, enviroment and the weather get worse. All of them create difficulties for our life. The vehicles have many kinds. We can choose and used them easily but this reason makes the traffic jam which anybody can't avoid. On the whole our life has become much faster and easier but we don't forget. That we're having to face many difficulties which the modern life create.