🏥The Nurse🏥

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Hey cupcakes how r u?🧁 So this chapter will be about Linky taking care of you how cute eeeeeeeeee 😍❤️Anyways enjoy!!


Your POV.

So now I'm home alone. With my crush. Who's taking care of me. Because I can't move my leg. For a week. I still need to get this cleared. Well, I have no idea what will happen but I trust Lincoln! I know he will always be there for me! Anyways, my phone started ringing and it was Phoebe

"Oh, do you want to be alone when you talk to Phoebe?" Said Lincoln

"Oh, well if you don't mind" I Said

"No problem I'll go in the kitchen to get a snack ok?" he said as he got off my bed and got downstairs

"Yeah ok" I Said and answered the call

"OMG Y/N what happened?!?!?!??!" Said Phoebe panicked

"Well nothing, but I just passed out when I was with Lincoln, fell and now I can't move my leg for a week" I Said

"Oh, wait are you alone, considering that your parents are at work and your brothers have activities" said Phoebe

"Okay I'll tell you who's taking care of me but please stay calm because he is downstairs and he might hear us" I said

"Oh come on you know I'm a calm person" said Phoebe "Now spill the tea!"

"Well Lincoln is taking care of me for a week but please don't go crazy" I Said. I could hear her gasp. And then it was silence.

"Uh, Phoebe?" I said freaked out. But then a very loud scream came from my phone. Then Phoebe fangirled so hard and asked so many questions at once.


"Shh He can hear us you know" I whispered

"Oh yeah right we'll talk later I'll leave you know alone with your Linkyyy" she said in a flirty tone

"Phoebe!" I groaned and she started giggling

"I'll come over to your house later to see how you're doing ok?" She said

"Yeah sure I think Lincoln is ok with that" I Said

"Ok then bye Y/N get well soon!" She said and ended the call. Then Lincoln came upstairs with some snacks

"Hey Y/N you're show is on!" He Said "wanna watch it together?"

"Wait America's Next Top Model? ( I'm so sorry😂) I thought you hate that show" I said

"Pfft doesn't matter that I'll watch with you wether I like it or not" He said

"Thanks you're too nice" I Said as he lifted me up and carried me in his arms till the living room. He put me down softly on the couch and turned on the TV. We watched ANTM for like 3 hours. I can't believe he watched my fave show with me even though he hated it. Now this is a gentleman! I'm thinking seriously of marrying him!

"Ok YN time for medication" he said as he got up and grabbed a little round box with pills in it

"Why do I have to take medicine?" I groaned

"Well if you want to stay with me 2 months and recover without the medicine I don't really have a problem" he said

"Well I'd like too" I Said silently, slightly blushing

"What was that?" He asked

"Uhh nothing" I got out of my daze

"Well anyways, open your mouth Y/N here comes the aeroplane" He joked

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