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Olivia's point of view

I went with Lauren. While the others are paired up with each other.

"I think I know where she is"I mumble.

Lauren looks at me and nods. "I know. That's why I chose to be paired up with you".

"What do you mean?"I ask confused. Isn't it weird that she knew it and chose me because of it.

"Well, she really likes you Olivia. I can see that you really make her happy."she explain. I smile brightly hearing these words from my crush's mother.

"I can also see that you like her"she continues. I blush and look away. "I know it might take long until she confesses her feelings to you, But just wait for her. It might not take so long after all and who knows maybe the waiting was worth it".

I nod as we walk onto the sand of the beach. Right where the water stops, sits Jordan. She's hugging her knees into her chest, while she rests her head on her knees.

When we approach her, she turns around. Seeing her mother, she turns back and looks at the sunset.

Lauren sits besides her and takes her into her arms. "Are you Okay?".

"Mom"Jordan bursts out into tears.

"It's okay. Let it out"lauren says and  rubs Jordan's back.

"It hurts"Jordan sobs.

"I know. I know"Lauren mumbles.

After a 15 minutes, I sit down on the other side of Jordan. She looks at me when she hears someone. She looks back at her mother.

"I'm going to call the others that we found you"lauren says and let's Jordan go. Jordan nods.

Lauren walks away, taking her phone out of her pocket.

"Are you alright?"I ask.

Jordan looks at me. With her bloodshot eyes and her cheeks wet from the tears. Her bottom lip starts trembling again.

"Oh come here"I say and open my arms.

She leans into my chest and buries her face in my neck. I rub circles on her back, since I saw that's what comforts her.

After Sitting there for five minutes, she stopped crying but still sniffles.

"Jordan? Do you wanna go home?"lauren asks softly.

Jordan nods in my neck and sniffles.

"Okay let's go. The others are at our house, but I think it's best you go take a shower first"Lauren says as we all stand up.

We start walking.

My hand brushes against Jordan's. I take her hand into mine and intertwine our fingers. She looks at our hands and blushes. She smiles at me and looks at her mother.

The time we walked home, I could feel Jordan staring at me. She tripped most of the time over her own feet, 'cause she wasn't paying attention. She was just being her cute clumsy self.

At their house, Jordan went straight upstairs and not that much later we heard water.

"Is she okay?"Dinah asks concerned.

I think she blames herself, since Leah is her daughter.

"Fine, I think. She cried for half an hour when we got there. She will  be alright "Lauren says. She lets herself drop on the couch and lets her head hang down.

"She will be fine, lo"Camila says and rubs Lauren's back. Lauren looks up at her and smiles.


I'm sitting on Jordan's bed, waiting until she's done showering.

She walks out of her bathroom. Wearing only a big, white shirt and some baggy boxer briefs with marvel characters on it.

She looks up at me and her eyes widen. She probably thought I went home already. "Oh h-Hey"she stutters and rubs the back of her neck. "I thought you left already".

"Yeah the others did. But I wanted to make sure you are okay"I say.

She nods understanding.

She climbs into her bed, under the covers. She tilts the covers up, asking me, without words, to go under them. 

I climb under them. She lays herself between my legs, with her head on my chest. I rub her back soothingly.

After a while we both fell asleep.

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