(41) Pentus vs. Tesulan

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           Our blades met. I growled as Tesulan pressed harder on his sword. He wore a black coat with black steel boots, underneath his coat he wore obsidian black armor, his face was pale as ever, his black hair was messy and his eyes were wide with bloodlust.

 “When we first fought! Luran interrupted us, when we fought again your father did, and now there’s nobody here!”

  I smiled, he was right. Which meant, there’s no going back!


  We withdrew our swords, and I quickly slashed at him, but he deflected it with his sword.

“This time, Tesulan!” I yelled, and curled my hand to a fist, “I’m not losing!”

 He caught my punch, inches from his face, his face contorted into anger, “Your right. . . . .your dying!”

 He spun around and kicked my ribs, the blow cracked my ribs and knocked the breath out of my body, I gasped as blood sprayed from my mouth. He swung his arm and his sword sliced through my armor.

   I grunted and rolled to the side, swinging Felgar with all the might I could’ve mustered. Felgar’s blade hacked through Tesulan’s obsidian armor, skin, flesh, and bone like wet clay.

 He screamed in agony, as the cold blade burned in his flesh, his blood splattered in a torrent through his wound and spilled onto the ground, the dry soil quickly soaking the crimson blood.

      To add insult to injury, Felgar hummed with electricity and burned Tesulan’s side to ash, as the stinging electricity vaporized the rest of Tesulan’s body to crisp.

    Tesulan collapsed onto the ground, his rattled breath echoed in the empty village, I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t pity him.

 “You dare look at me like some insect!” Tesulan rasped, then punched me in the stomach, I gasped as he continued his relentless assault. His knee dug into my bone, crushing it in despair, he spun around so fast, the wind whistled, his heavy steel boot pounded into my neck. Tears of agony streamed down my face, but he wasn’t over as he continued punching my face until the blood mingled with my tears and clouded my vision. My whole body ached with fresh waves of pain and splattering blood.

   My mind flashed to my father, my mother. Gaining strength from their image, I stood back up.

    For them, for Calarant, for Farumer, for Hetur, for Luran, for Almar, Aria, Orion, Marcus, the people of Astrania, for your own good Tesulan, I’m not going to let you walk away from me! Even if you don’t consider me as your friend any longer, you consider me as your rival. And, as your rival, your going to snap out of the stupid spell Velgar made! You did it once, you can do it again!


  “Hey! Where are you going, you bastard!” I croaked.


  Tesulan’s eyes flashed with furious anger, “What did you just call me?”


  “I said. . .. .Where are you going, you BASTARD!” I roared and charged Tesulan, I slashed blindly with Felgar, but Tesulan managed to dodge and deflect the attacks.

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