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Olivia's point of view

"Hey Jordan"I hear Emily say.

My moms and I arrived first. We've been here for ten minutes and now Lauren and Jordan are here. The others still has to come.

"Hey"I smile at Jordan.

"Hallo"she mumbles and sits besides me on the couch.

"Hey Jordan. Do you want to go to the movies with us and Alisa tomorrow after school?"Emily asks as she sits down on the other couch.

"I can't... i Uh I have detention"Jordan answers and rubs the back of her neck.

She leans back into the couch and makes herself comfortable by sitting with her legs open. Her knee slightly brushes against mine. And I can't tell you how many butterflies interrupted in my stomach by that little touch of her.

"Ow. Well maybe we can go a little later, so you can still join us"Emily suggests.

"Uh Okay, I think"Jordan mumbles.

"Please come with us. I don't wanna be the third wheel by those lover birds"I beg. Knowing that Alisa and Emily probably will be all over each other and I just walk behind them like I don't know them.

"M'fine"Jordan says. "I will ask my mom later".

"Yes"Emily and I cheer, giving each other a high five.

"Hey guys"Alisa says as she sits down next to Emily.

"Hey. Where is Leah?"I ask.

"She's still in the hallway talking to my mom. She's being a bitch"Alisa rolls her eyes. "Never mind there she is".

Leah walks into the living room looking angry. She looks at Jordan and scolds disgusted. "Oh no the freak is here too"she says and rolls her eyes.

Jordan looks at me and then down.

"Aren't you going to say something freak?"Leah asks and pushes Jordan.

"What's going on here?"Normani asks when everyone is in the living room.

Jordan walks to her mom and Lauren wraps her arm around her.

"Like I said before, I'm not staying here as long as that freak is here"Leah says. Jordan walks towards to door to go outside but waits for someone to say something.

"Leah! Why are you saying such awful things?"Normani asks confused.

"Oh did you not know? She's a freak. Look"she answers and points at Jordan. She walks over to Jordan and for a few seconds I thought she was going to hit her, but she pulls her pants down, revealing her boxers. "Look! A fucking freak".

Jordan eyes widen and she pulls her pants back up.

"She shouldn't even been alive. Couldn't you give her up when you knew what she was. Why would you wanna keep such a monster. And how could you bring her into our friend group. Our family. She is a fucking disease. Don't you see it?"Leah continues.

Jordan turns around and runs away. She slams the door behind her.

"Leah are you out of your mind? How can you say such a horrible things? Out of my house now!"Camila yells and points to the door. Leah huffs and walks away.

"I'm so sorry Lauren. I did not know this would happen"dinah says with tears in her eyes.

"It's okay."lauren sighs and looks down. "I'm gonna search for Jordan".

"Wait I'll go with you"I say and jump up.

"We all will help looking for Jordan"Ally says. The others nods, getting ready by putting in their shoes and coats.

"If someone has found her, notify everyone else then please"Normani says as we split up.

Hopefully we find her before she does something stupid.

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