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Sometimes wouldn't you wish to know what exactly was running through people's head just so you could prepare yourself for getting betrayed or worse killed? Wouldn't it be easier for the world if you could just see the people for they were? No manipulation, no illusion. Just their true self reflecting all the time?

Keira wished that too.

To not be fooled again by another person. To trust someone with her heart even knowing the risk she was getting herself into. She just...wanted to be free.

"Come in." Hearing the voice inside, she clicked open the door of the said office. Her eyes widened to see the office which was noticeably larger than her previous clan. The desk in front of her was filled with numerous files and a desktop computer set on it. The room also had weapons lining on the walls.

Knives, swords, daggers, guns, spars...

How lovely...

"Uh...Are you feeling comfortable?" Dalton questioned licking his lip ring, a slight urgency in his voice. He looked worried and frustrated for some reason but oddly she wasn't afraid of him like she was with Lex. But the bigger question, why was he even with Lex?

These two acted like polar opposites.

"Keira?" At the sound of Dalton's voice, her head shot up. Oh, he was waiting for her to answer him. So she shrugged.

"Well...It's not like I've anywhere else to go. As your Lex oh so kindly reminded me." She snapped, her voice laced with sarcasm. Just because she was letting them help her, didn't mean she was gonna make it easier for them.

Dalton sighed looking away from her. "Lex isn't mine, Keira. And just as I said before, if you want help then you have to give us your full trust. Otherwise, we can't help you when you're in danger."

Her eyes must've shown confusion as he beckoned her to sit on the chair where he took a seat in the opposite one. Sitting down Keira waited for him to talk, but what he showed her almost had her run from the room in fear.

"What is this? Y-You're a clan leader!? Oh no! I can't do that. No!" She could feel Dalton tense at her blunt negative response to his question. She couldn't believe that he gave her a contract paper where she was to stay in his clan and care as long as she didn't find her mother and finish her last business.

He wanted her in his clan...

"Keira, this is for your own good. You can't stay here when you don't belong to my clan. I know I have very few members, yes, but still, they will ask questions as to why a person who has broken her connection to her clan is living here without truly belonging. You're already in pain, I don't want you to feel hurt when there will be complaining about you staying here."

He had a point but he had to understand that Keira could never truly belong to a clan after what happened. Joining a clan was not only meant you are in their protection but it also meant you care about each and every member like your own. You think about their problems before yours. But what she was going after, could very well mingle with the members' life, risking their lives in the long run.

And, she couldn't do that.

Noticing her silence, he continued. "Also think about the connection you will have with us. That way when you're in danger, we can help in any way you want. And, I'm not telling you to care about my members, their problems would be mine to care. Just by bonding with us, you are making a place in this clan, that's all."

Could she really join a clan again after betrayed by one before? Then again Lex didn't seem like he belonged to this clan as he was dead before. So how was he here?

"Dalton?" She managed to get his attention as he nodded at her to continue. "Is Lex a part of this clan? As far as I can tell...he's not a warlock. And, for this very reason, no clan should accept him into their clan."

Dalton steadily rose to his feet, coming close to where she was sitting. He was deep in thought before answering her. "Lex will always be welcomed in my clan. However you are right, he's not a part of the clan...yet. But his case and your case is totally different. He's not in danger but you are. He has total control over his powers where you didn't even finish your training. So, yes Keira, you need to join this clan more than he ever needs to be."

Ugh...this was going harder to say no. Could she? Or could she not? 

"Fine. I'm ready to do the pledge."

Dalton smiled walking closer to a dagger hanging from the wall. Keira also stood up following him to the empty place, where he walked back after holding the dagger in his hands. There was a small cup in the ground and when he murmured some spell, an orange hue appeared before the cup was holding a nice fire. Then, dragging the sharp edge on his palm he made a small cut letting the blood flowing from it into a cup.

Still bleeding he handed her the dagger as she also made a small cut letting the blood drip into the fire.

"Do you, Keira Deshayes, agree to make a pledge for the Moon Clan willingly?" Dalton asked in a voice for the first time as a clan leader should. So, he wasn't using his leader voice on her to join his clan. Keira took a deep breath in relief. It was good to know that she still had some choice.

"Yes." At her answer, Dalton's eyes softened. Offering her palm, she waited for Dalton's blood to mix with her when he finally held her hands, mixing the blood with his.

Taking a deep breath, Keira chanted the vow finalizing the pledge. "In birth, in life, and in death. Now I, Keira Deshayes, willingly make this pledge to honor and be loyal to my clan for as long as I shall live."

Just then a feeling of complete trust, loyalty all those rammed into herself, almost rendering her to gasp. It's been so long that she had felt the connection of another being in her heart. But today, right there she was feeling like the old her again.

Just with a better version.

She looked up at Dalton to see he was looking at her with an odd look. What did she do now? Before she could ask what's wrong he shook his head as if in disbelief.

"Dalton? You're kind of scaring me now." She finally said bursting whatever bubble he was in. He shook his head again, a frown appearing on his face.

"Keira? How much did you exactly learn? And, did your mentor taught you how to take power from other beings, just for a few seconds?"

Huh? What was he on about? Keira wondered with a frown. 

"What are you talking about?" She asked walking away from the almost dim fire. A look of confusion and slight surprise flashed across his face, making her more confused.

Dalton took a small step towards her as if she was going to kill...then she realized why he was walking a step at a time. He was buying time. Whatever he was going to say was either going to render her speechless or raise more questions.

When he stood right next to her, he whispered lowly. "So, you mean to tell me that you didn't know when you took some of my powers, even for a few seconds?"

Took his powers? What the hell!?

But then again...Oh, no...memories filled her mind reminding her what he was talking about. Why did she not know? How could she not realize that she had this power too?

That day, after the night of her sacrifice, her legs were hurt almost to the point that she had to use barks as support but the moment, she touched her mother, they healed. Then in the shop, she touched Hannah and she was able to heal quickly. And Darkness...once she was able to create a small ball of shadow when he tried to hurt her in her dream.

Was it a good thing? Or bad? Keira didn't want to wonder. She just wanted to believe that maybe finally-

Finally, fate was starting to look out for her...

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