"Look at her little paws"

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Since they opened the Detective Agency officially, they have had 2 real cases. One was about an old lady whos cat went missing. It was not that interesting to Todd, but Dirk was very excited. He seemed to really have a thing for cats. However, this cat did not have the energetical soul of a shark inside of it, but was hidden inside the tree house of the old ladys neighbours. That case was not comparable to the Patrick Spring case or the whole thing with wendimoor, obviously. But it planted an idea into Dirk's mind. He wanted a kitten, or any cat at all. As a child, he never had the chance to have a pet for very obvious reasons. When Todd came into the office this morning, bringing 4 cups of coffee (black for himself, with milk for Farrah, vanilla cream coffee for Mona and with milk and a ton of sugar for Dirk), as he did everyday, he found his best friend sitting in top of his desk petting a little ginger cat that was sitting in his lap. "...Is this related to a case?", Todd asked and put down the cups on each persons desk (Mona was a shelf that week so he just put her cup on Dirks desk as well). "Did you know that cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears? ",was the only response that came from the detective, who continued to stroke the soft fur. "Why for gods sake do you have a cat in here?" Todd could really see the sparkles of joy in his friends eyes as he looked at the animal. It was fascinating how a grown man could be so innocently happy about cute things without feeling ashamed for it. "I see that that thing is very cute, but we can't keep it and you know that. We don't have time for it when we're on a case, we don't have the money for paying for her food and vaccinations and ..there are a ton of reasons against it, Dirk." Dirk gently (no pun intended) sat down the ginger cat onto the desk and stood up in front of his friend and crossed his arms. ,,The universe presented me this little creature today, it needs a home and I won't let it be sad and alone and starve. I wouldn't want to leave you sad, alone and starving and you are not even as cute as Crookshanks is. You are cute, but not that cute. I mean, look at her little paws." He showed off said ones and looked at Todd with the big puppy eyes that let him no choice but to accept his plan.

I really hope the grammar in this one is right 😅 I pressume that Dirk might be a very cute cat dad.

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