This weird feeling around him

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~Eyeless Jack~

You and Jack now have been hanging out a lot more than usual. When you two were first starting to hang out, it was nothing. But lately you have been feeling weird around him. You don't know why or what it is. You would see him, and your face would go red and you couldn't talk or think straight around him! You now stutter and blush. Sitting on your bed you tried to think what was wrong with you. "Am I sick? No, Maybe...Maybe...Agh! What's wrong with me!" You cry out from your bed. "Haha well for starter, you're talking to yourself." You look up from your pillow you see Jack standing by the door. "Jack! How long have you been there!" "Umm quite a while." You blushed. "W-Well how long have you been standing there then!" "Well, I first got here when you were pacing circles, then left to go get a drink, THEN-" You cut him off with a look. "You don't need to tell me what I did!" You snapped embarrassed. "Well I got to go, got a job to do." Jack walks to you and hugs you. You hug back but are blushing madly the whole time. He jumps out the window and waves to you before running off.


You were lying on your bed at your house in your room. After a while, you look at the clock that read 2:46 pm. It was Monday and you had no school, plus your parents have been gone since Friday. It didn't really surprise you that they haven't called or texted you something. They were both drunks. You get up and look out the window looking for a sign of them. You didn't like them, but you had to live with them until you found a place of your own. Sighing, you turn away from the window and go downstairs to the kitchen hoping to find some food. Opening the fridge you found nothing good worth eating. You were out of money from your secret stash, so you couldn't even go buy anything. And even worse... Masky hasn't visited you in a while. Last time you saw him was last Wednesday. You sat down on your couch and looked out the window. Your stomach growled and you sighed. You heard the window open and saw that it was Masky holding 3 cheesecakes in his hands. Your heart felt like it was beating 10x faster seeing him. He set them down and you tackle hugged him. "Where have you been!" You exclaimed. "Sorry (Y/N), I was on a job and just got back and thought we could celebrate over some cheesecake." You stomach growled again and you blushed in embarrassment. He chuckled, "Haha sounds like you need it too." You blushed even more. You run into the kitchen and grab two plates and forks and set them down. Masky starts heading towards your fridge and you quickly yell out "Wait! Umm don't open that up." "But, (Y/N), I have to put the cheesecakes in the fridge otherwise they'll go bad!" He opens the fridge up and sees nothing but beer bottles and cans. "Ummm, (Y/N)... what is all this." As your about to answer your stomach growls. "(Y/N), when was the last time you ate?" You looked down to hide the tears forming in your eyes. "Thursday at lunch..." Masky puts the cheesecake down and hugs you. As he's hugging you, you start to cry. You try to hold it back but it doesn't work. "Shhhh, it's ok (Y/N). I'm here now. Don't worry." As Masky's words calm you down, you can't help but to breath in his scent. It smelled like cheesecake and woods with some cologne. As you breath in, your heart skips a beat and you start to blush. "Th-Thank you M-Masky." He pulls away from you and his mask rises a bit, showing he's smiling. He cuts one of the cheesecakes and puts them on plates for you two to eat. As your eating he gets some cheesecake on the side of his mouth. He licks it and you start to blush again. You get up quickly and say "I'll be right back." He nods and you speed walk to your room. Closing the door you slide down to the ground asking yourself quietly, "What is going on with me!"


After school became your favorite time of the day after a while of meeting up with Hoodie and hanging out with him. But for some strange reason... Every time you would see the meadow, your heart would skip a beat and you would become very nervous. You would usually just shake your head and tell yourself that it would be ok. Sadly, the feeling became more powerful and even when you were still at your locker at school you would feel nervous. You talked to your best friend (Best Friends Name) about it. "Oooo sounds like sombody's in L-O-V-E!" She/He would tease. You would blush and say no but when you really thought about it, it did make sense. "So, will I be the Best Maid/ Best Man at your guy's wedding then?" She/He asked one day. You blushed 50 shades of red and stuttered "W-What! N-No! We're j-just friends! That's all!" You looked down at your hands and whispered "Even if I did like him, he probably won't like me the same way back." (Best Friends Name) went over to you and hugged you. "I'm sure he likes you that way!" She/He said. You smiled and hugged Her/Him back. "Thank you, (Best Friends Name). Later that day you went to your usual spot and sat down near the river. It wasn't very deep or very fast so you didn't have to worry about getting swept away by it. Dipping your hand in the water and making ripples, you thought back to what (Best Friends Name) said. "I'm sure he likes you that way!" Those words kept repeating in your head. Angrily you slammed you hand in the water. "Ah I'm so confused!" You said out loud. "W-What are y-you conf-fused about-t?" Turning around and blushing you saw Hoodie standing there. "N-Nothing, just thinking about school." You said while turning you attention back to the water. You started standing up, but slipped and you felt yourself fall backwards into the water. There was a splash and you were suddenly cold. You stood up shivering and got out of the water. On dry land you saw Hoodie taking off his hoodie and run over to you. Grabbing you shoulders, he asked "(Y/N)! Are you ok!" You nodded your head, still shivering. He put his hoodie on you and hugged you. After a while you stopped shivering and noticed that Hoodie had his hoodie on you. Pulling away, you smiled and said thank you. "Y-You should p-probably g-go home now." Hoodie said. You start to take his hoodie off but he stops you. "Keep it... I-I have others." You smiled and started walking back to your house. Turning around. you waved and smiled. Thinking on your way home, 'Maybe your right (Best Friend Name), maybe he does like me like that.'

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