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Kentrell Desean Gaulden

We took a DNA test and it turned out to be positive. Jania was mad I wanted to take one cause she said I was denying my child.

She fucking crazy

I got out the truck with my security guards following behind me. I had a interview and I was late because of Jania

The interview took a whole 2 hours, and I was tired. I still had a video shoot, so I went home and went to sleep

"Kamrynn wake me up at 3" I said walking in her room seeing her picking out clothes and Ka'Nyah sleep on her bed

She nodded and I left out

Kamrynn Michelle Dior Gaulden

I went to wake my daddy up before leaving out his room and making my way back to my room

"Nyah" I said shaking her to wake her up. She ain't move, so I shaked her again. This time she pushed me and started whining "oh you one of them sleepers"

I left her alone and went to put on my spandex shorts and a sports bra. I put a T-Shirt on over the bra before slipping on my slides

I had practice today and I really ain't wanna go, but I had to catch up on these routines or ima be sitting out. I can't go out bad like that especially being one of the best dancers on the team

Vassiah was taking me to practice today. I woke Ka'Nyah up before we went downstairs seeing my daddy adjusting his jewelry on the couch

Ka'Nyah was coming to practice with me, and ion know how that's gone go cause she only 5. I don't know if she gone sit still

"don't be letting nobody mess with her" my daddy said being serious

"I'm not" I said not really paying attention to him

"Kamrynn I'm serious " this nigga know when Ian paying him no attention


Vassiah came and we left making it there

"aight what time I'm supposed to be back?" she asked

"10:30" I Answered

"10:30?" she questioned making me laughing "y'all do to much, but okay"

"aight bruh" I got out the car grabbing Ka'Nyah hand and we walked in. I went to my cubbie sitting my stuff down before hearing Ka'Nyah

"can I get some juice?" she asked, I pulled her juice out my bag and gave it to her

"you gone sit over there until I'm done. Don't be making a lot of noise or playing"

she looked at me and nodded her head

"it's cold" she said, so I gave her my jacket before hearing somebody walk up behind me

"aww she so cute, who this?" Makayla asked

"this my lil sister" I said as we walked over to the spot Ka'Nyah was gone be sitting at. She sat down before opening her juice

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