Ugly Flower

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Why do you sit there all alone? 

Why do think there is no one home? 

Looking at the broken reflection. What do you see? 

An ugly flower that's withering away. 

The tear stains are on the floor 

Because you cry to sleep every night 

Because you feel like your worthless 

The flower is dead and no one cares 

Except for me, the only one who cares 

I see the reflection, but its not an ugly flower 

Its swan dancing to the moonlight 

A graceful beautiful thing, just like you 

Stop seeing gray clouds 

Look beyond and see the sun smiling in the horizon 

The scars in your heart might not heal away 

But it can manage, if someone is there for you 

You don't have to be the model in the magazines 

Staving yourself or making fake emotions 

Because that's not beauty 

Beauty is knowing that are good enough 

That you believe and love yourself 

Rise above your ashes like a phoenix 

And look at yourself in a different light 

You're no ugly flower 

You're beautiful my darling 

You're precious 

My everything 

Come sweet angel 

Don't you leave 

Stay with me, forever

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