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Ethans POV
I see the big house peek through the trees that now have different colored leaves on them. "I forgot how beautiful it was in the fall time here," I say to my mom as I stare at the trees. She chuckled and says, "Everything has really changed you over in California." I smile as my mom parks the car and unbuckles. I step out and a cold gust of wind blows. I pull my thin coat closet to my body as I open the trunk and start to grab the bags. "I also see you forgot how cold it was to," my mom says with a smirk. "Haha very funny," I say in a sarcastic way. She smiled as she starts to take the bags up to them front porch. I close the trunk and start towards the door until I see Grayson is asleep in the back seat. I drop the bags and open the door. I shake him lightly and see his eyes flutter open. "We're home," I say to him as I unbuckle the seatbelt. A huge smile appears on his face as he realizes where we are and moves around me. I watch as he runs to the house and goes to where I can't see him. I laugh as I pick up the bags and shut his car door. I walk inside and see that almost everything is changed around the house. "You did some redecorating while we were gone," She says, "Well since no one was here I didn't really know what to do so I just started to do whatever," she said as she looked around admiring her work. "Well it looks nice," I say to her with a small smile. I grab the bags off the ground as I walk up the stairs into my bedroom. The door creaks as I open it and step inside. Everything looks the same before I left. I guess my mom didn't want to change anything about it.

I step into the coffee shop and see the long line. I sigh as I pull my phone out of my pocket and start to scroll through social media. "Ethan," I hear a familiar voice say. I turn to find someone who I didn't think I would ever see again. Jake. "Hey," I say in a bit awkward way. "Didn't think I would see you around here since your big break on YouTube," he says. "Well I came back to visit my mom. I guess she kind of missed me," I say. "Well how's your brother doing," he asks. "He's doing okay for him. With everything that is, you know, different with him he's okay." He gives a nod as he looks over me and at the line. "God I didn't think this place would be this busy." I kind of chuckle and say, "Yeah me to. I remember when I came here for the first time I didn't really see anyone come in." He nods and says, "Yeah. Well maybe they are all here to see you." I laugh and say, "Yeah right. No one probably even remembers me now. When football happened, everybody knew me. But now? No one probably even talks about me." I says, "I wouldn't say that." I give him a confused look and say, "What?" He says, "Well since YouTube, everyone knows your name. Even if it's not for football."

I hear my name called and I walk up to grab it. I start to walk away when I head Jake go," Hey Dolan. I'll see you around right?" I nod and say, "Yeah. See you around." I open the door and am hit with a cold blast off wind. I walk around the blocks since I have nothing to do and don't really want to go home.

Grayson sits on the ground as he rocks lightly looking at our fathers grave. He takes his stuffed animal and places it on top of the grave. "Do you think dad likes your stuffed animal," I asked him. He smiles and nods as he continues rock and look at the grave. I watch as the sun starts to go down in the horizon. "Well the sun is going down I think we should go don't you think," I say to Grayson. He shakes his head no and continues to watch the grave. "I can't be out here all night we have to go at some point." I sigh as I grab the animal off the grave and stand up. I hear Grayson whine as he stands up abruptly and reaches for the animal. "You can her it when we get to the house okay," I say as I grab his elbow and start to take him back to the car. I open the passenger door and try to get Grayson in but he keeps getting out of grip. "Please Grayson. Work with me," I say as I grab his elbow again. I get him into the car and buckle him up.

I unlock the passenger door and unbuckle Grayson. He runs to the front door and opens it. I sigh as I shut the passenger door and walk inside. I can hear Grayson crying in the living room. "Why did you make him go," my mom says over his cry's. "It was getting late so I said we need to go," I say as I lay the bags that I brought with on the ground. She sighs and says, "Okay well do you have the animal?" I nod as I open the bag and grab it. "Here Grayson," my mom says as she hands it to Grayson. He grabs it and pulls it close as he sits and leans against my mom. I walk upstairs and lay down on my bed. I stare at the ceiling as my eyes get heavy and I fell asleep.

Hey! Im so sorry this chapter is so short. The chapter isn't even 1,000 words so I'm sorry. I have different story ideas so I might start working on them soon.
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