All About Taking Risks

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Charles's POV

I search around the hospital, asking where Doctor Barlow is, and no one has been of much help. I accidently bump into someone, I look up and see The Chief.

"Sorry Sir." I say.

"It's okay." He shakes his head. "What's got you into such a rush?"

"I'm trying to find Doctor Barlow." I explain. "Have you seen him?"

"Yes." He nods, finally! Of course the CHIEF would know where he is! I'm so dumb, I should have gone to him first! "I told him to check up on the generators."

"Okay, thank you." I nod and walk away, heading to the generator room. 

When I go inside, I look around, seeing shocks of electricity everywhere. 

"What the hell happened in here?" I ask myself. "Dr. Barlow!?"

No answer, I continue looking around when I see two bodies around a meter apart from each other. When I look a bit closer, it's Dr. Barlow! I run up to him, but before I can fully reach him, I feel a shock go through my body, I look down and see water everywhere. Shoot, the water is touching the electricity, I feel myself fall on the floor, soaking in water and feeling a shock every couple of seconds.

Skylar's POV

Where in the hell is Charles? More importantly though, where's David?

 I decide to go to the cafeteria, where all the other attendings are. I sit down with a water bottle and a muffin in my hands.

"Have you guys seen David anywhere?" I ask.

"No." They all say, making me sigh.

"I'll go check." When I was about to get up, I hear someone yelling my name.

"Dr. Gray!" Yells Meredith, as she runs towards me. "Ethan's dad is waking up!"

"What!" I yell. "Okay, let's go!" I turn to the others. "Can one of you go and see where David is?"

"Yeah, sure." Nods Laura. "I'll do it."

"Thank you." I kiss her on the cheek and Meredith and I leave.

We run to Ethan's Dad's room, and I see him stirring awake.

"Hello sir." I say. "You are in the hospital, I'm your doctor, my name is Dr. Gray."

"Huh, oh, hello." He says. "Where's Ethan, and where's my wife."

"DAD!" Yells Ethan, running over to us.

"ETHAN!" Yells his dad, they embrace each other, I smile at the interaction. "Where's my wife?"

"Mom didn't make it..." Frowns Ethan.

"We tried our best, but after a while she couldn't take the impact that the gas leak caused her." I say. "I am very sorry for your loss."

"Thank you." He says, with tears in his eyes, while still hugging Ethan, he talks to him. "I'm sorry you had to go through this all by yourself buddy."

"I wasn't by myself." He shakes his head. "Dr. Gray and I kept each other company, did you know she used to play soccer too, but she switched to basketball, we're opposites."

"Really?" Laughs his dad, as I smile at both of them. 

"His grandma was also here." I say. "She still is, she is in one of these rooms right now."

"What?" He looks shocked. "What happened."

"There was a big storm and Ethan and his grandma were in a bus at the time, coming to the hospital to see you." Says Meredith. "The bus flipped over, but luckily, Dr. Gray here, saved both of them."

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