;; Part 1

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[Mijin's POV]

"And done! The photoshoot is done! Thank you everyone!" The photographer said.

Name: Ahn Mijin {안미진}
Japanese name: Kida Akari {木田あかり}
+ Half korean, Half japanese.
+ born in busan.
+ lived in shibuya, japan for 5 years. { she was 7 yrs. old and went back to korea when she was 12 yrs. old}
+ can speak korean, japanese, thai, english and filipino.
+ model for some companies.
+ friends with some k-idols. {NCT yuta, TWICE sana, SEVENTEEN seungkwan, etc}
+ can be sarcastic and a baddie but she is gentle, kind and nice.

I bowed to the staff and got changed into a sweater comfortable that's a little bit big for me. And i left.
I wanted to hang out with my friends. But sad to hear, they're all busy with their schedules. But I totally get it. It's important.

I head down to a cafè as i wanted iced coffee. And i place where i can stay for a bit. It's just like 2 in the afternoon.

I ordered what I wanted and headed to a table at the corner, to be honest i love being alone sometimes. When i was a kid. Usually when no one talks to me, or message, or even call me. I would lay down all day on my bed and watch some videos. I don't mind.

My aunt told me that, the reason why I'm always alone is that, most of the time, I snob people, well it's true but it's just most of the time. I'm lazy. I get lazy at texting/messaging or even picking up calls. Whenever someone calls me, it would end being silent when we're done talking about what we wanted to say. And I don't like being seen zoned. It makes me feel left out.

I'm also a loner in school, well not literally but when we have our recess, i would be that kid who'd be spacing out, staring at nowhere, thinking deep. Because literally, my friends have their own topic. But i let them be.

The waiter had put my iced coffee on the table and i thanked her. I was just scrolling through my twitter when someone called me.

It was seungkwan. I'm shocked, it's because I thought they were practicing or something. But i think they're done. But he's not alone, he's with seungcheol and vernon. My cheeks is burning.

Because, i have this small crush on seungcheol. Why because, not only he's good looking but he's nice and he's a gentleman. He makes me laugh. I admire him.

I had offered them to seat at my place so that I'm not alone anymore.

To be continued

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