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Ok so I honestly don't even know how to start this but umm..

I'm very sorry for not updating for so long! A new year has started and its already April and this bitch has done nothing but been lazy and I really wanna apologise for that and it actually wasn't just that... I had actually stopped because I couldn't really think of a good name for the group but, the in-between all that, I had some tests then I also had my final term exams (which I honestly thought I would have failed, luckily I didn't lolol) and also before the exams I had gone for a family trip btw, I went to a kpop concert there!! afgklesrhbfheb IT WAS SUCH A GOOD EXPERIENCE!! ok that rant is for another time but anyways getting back to the topic, overall I was pretty busy all this time...


In the previous chapter I asked you guys to help me pick a name for the group and I got many good names so I wasn't really sure which one I liked the best all of them were really good and I wanted you guys to help me pick a name.

so to do this check the names in the comments of the previous chapters and when you find a name that you thing is suitable comment it here and I will pick the name which you guys liked the most

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