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Jennies PoV

When me and Lisa settled our differences Lisa texted Rose telling her and Jisoo that we've finished talking and they can come back to the living room.

Few moments later...

They were sitting next to us on the sofa.

I was still on Lisa lap and we were wrapped with each other.

Jisoo: everything okay now

Me and Lisa nod in unison smiling at each other. My lili is so cute.

Rose: great now me and Jisoo are going out so we'll be back in an hour or so.

Ooooooooooh chaesoo are going on a date.

Jennie: make sure your back in 2 or so hours because I need to go back home and face my dad he expects me to come home later.

Jisoo nods

Jisoo: don't worry we'll be back soon

They both said there goodbyes and left. I looked at Lisa and just remembered she hasn't ate anything yet.

Jennie: what do you want to eat Lili

Lisa gives me a grin. She's going to say something dirty isn't she.

Lisa: you

And I was right.... I hit Lisa arm playfully.

Jennie: I'm serious you haven't eaten yet and you have to.

Lisa just nods at me.

Lisa: I'll just make myself some toast seen as though it's my first meal of the day.

Lisa was waiting for me to get off her but I shook my head.

Lisa: hey you said I had to eat 

Jennie: I'll make it for you silly

Lisa chuckled at me while placing both of her hands on my face cupping my cheeks.

Lisa: it's ok kitten I can make it

I pout.

Jennie: but I want to make it for you

I whine making Lisa bring my face to her lips as she playfully places kisses all over my face.

Lisa: fine let's go to the kitchen

Lisa was waiting for me to get up from her lap but I did the same thing and shook my head at her.

Lisa: ok am I having deja vu right now??

I giggle and shake my head.

Jennie: you relax here let me take care of daddy

I say in a baby voice and Lisa bites her lips nodding

Lisa: ok fine I'll stay here baby girl

I give Lisa a gummy smile and skipped my way to the kitchen to make my baby some breakfast.

Couple of minutes later...

I come back to the living area with some toast and coffee for my lili. I placed it on the coffee table in front of her and sit beside her.

Lisa: thank you baby... give daddy a kiss

I blush as I look at Lisa who was pouting her lips for me and I happily kiss her lips and then I leaned my head on her shoulder as she eats up.

After Lisa ate she put her plate and cup away in the kitchen and we both were watching tv while cuddled up on the sofa.

Couple of moments later...

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