Chapter 2

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"So... you want... WHAT?!!" Mr. Forkle practically shouted. He stumbled back into his chair and muttering to himself. "Actually....." He said. "That might just work." He looked back at Sophie. "You want me to tweak your genes so you can have a match?" Sophie nodded. "I don't want it to seem suspicious, so can I have a few matches?" She asked. "Like Fitz, Dex, Keefe, Wylie, Jensi..." Sophie started. Fitz looked at her. "JENSI?!" he said, and Sophie nodded. "I want to have a Winnowing Gala so it doesn't seem like Fitz is the only match I want." She said. And Mr. Forkle nodded, but very, very slowly. He looked back up at Sophie with a worried look in his eyes. "You'd have to take a second dose of Limbium." He whispered. And Fitz and Sophie looked at each other. "No..." Fitz said. "No... not for" But Sophie nodded. "This is what we want," She said. She took his hand. "I'm doing it for me." Fitz nodded. Mr. Forkle spoke again. "I can do it now if you want." And Sophie nodded again. She looked at Fitz. "I'm doing it for me." She said to him. "For us." And Fitz nodded. "It might be better if I'm not here?" Fitz asked, and Sophie agreed. Fitz left then, only telling her that he'd meet her back at Havenfield. Sophie turned back to Mr. Forkle. "Let's do it." She said. Mr. Forkle took the bottle of Limbium and handed it to Sophie. Then he held a Human needle in his hand. "Ready?" He asked, And Sophie took 5 deep breaths before... she opened the cap, and downed the bottle. The minute she swallowed it, her throat dried. Her arms turned red, and she sank slowly to the floor. The last thing she felt was a stab in the arm. This was going to hurt.Sophie glittered to the Matchmakers and walked right in the door. She got stopped by Grady and Edaline, and they started talking to her. "What happened?" They both asked in unison and Sophie looked down at her feet. "Listen, I just have to figure something out. Can you give me some time?" She asked. Grady and Edaline both nodded and Sophie ran back to the matchmakers. "Try again." She said, and they both looked at her. "Listen, Miss Foster, I know you are sad about what happened but there is nothing we can-" She cut them off. "Do it again, please!" She begged, and the matchmakers sighed. "Okay", they said. and they brought Sophie a little square of metal. "Please lick this." The woman said, holding it up. Sophie nodded. She licked the cold metal, knowing this would determine her future. The woman held up her screen, and only one scroll was instantly delivered to Sophie. "Your matches." The woman said, and Sophie took the scroll. She looked at the list, and read the names it said. 1. Fitz Vacker2. Dex Dizznee3. Keefe Sencen4. Jensi Babblos 5. Valin Renark 6. Wylie Endal 7. Rex Dizznee8. Lex DizzneeSophie stared at the names. YES! She was going to have a Winnowing Gala, and it was going to be great!! She remembered a time, when she had dreaded having a Winnowing Gala, and Grady and her had talked about it for hours on end. The only thing was, her Winnowing Gala was only going to have eight people. But... she was the one with the freaky eyes, and The Girl Who Was Taken.... so that explained itself. She ran outside, meeting up with Grady and Edaline. She handed them her scroll. They looked at the eight names and looked back up at her. "Sophie...." Edaline said. "You only have eight people on your list." Sophie nodded. "That's better than none, right?" Sophie asked, "Besides, I don't want a big Winnowing Gala, and most people will understand because I'm...." Sophie trailed off. "The girl with the freaky brown eyes." She finished eventually. Grady stopped her from saying any more. "They're not freaky!!" He said. "Jolie would die for something like those... Something different." Sophie smiled. "Let's go home." She said, and Edaline nodded quickly. "We have some planning to do!!!!" Sophie sighed. This WAS the only time Edaline would've been able to plan a Winnowing Gala. And it was going to be very, very special, just for her.

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