Memory.. All Alone In the Sunlight

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Blissfully unaware of what awaited her later during the day; Lilly was immersed in the lukewarm water of her bath. Another long day at the farm she thought. And she smiled to herself before she could stop it. When she caught her reflection in the bathroom tiles, she immediately stopped smiling. What the hell is wrong with me? This country is going to my head like jackhammer she told herself.

When she went downstairs, she found her grandma on the phone with a very anxious expression.

'Oh okay... In any case, they were going to April's place for lunch... Oh okay... all right, we'll be there in an hour or so' grandma said to the phone. She kept the receiver and then she dialed a new number.

'Hello April? Oh Drake! Where's your mother honey? Oh okay.... Hello? April! Yes they came.... I want to ask a little favor from you. If it's not too much trouble, could you keep Lilly and David for the day at your place? Peter's sister is not well and we have to go to Sheffield. Oh thank you so much April! Yes. I will send them right away... Well thank you so much sweetheart. Okay. Bye bye!'

Lilly listened to the conversation with her eyebrows furrowed in suspicion. Grandma turned to Lilly just as David entered the kitchen.

'Listen, Lilly, David, both of you were to go for lunch at you're Mom's best friend April's house, but it looks as if you have to spend the whole day there, because grandpa's sister Carol is quite ill and we have to go to Des Moines to see her. It's about three hours away but at your grandfather's rate it ought to be fifty. Sigh.

'Anyway. I want both of you to finish up whatever farm jobs you had left over, water and feed the animals and make sure they have enough to last the day. Lilly, you better take Strawberry in a wicker basket to April's, she can give him food. And pack a small bag of essentials. I'm going to call Alistair Baker and Jimmy Malcolm to keep and eye on the farm. And anyway, Sam and Matt ought to be coming round today '

'Who are Sam and Matt?' questioned David

'Oh, those are to two handy men at the farm. They get weekends off, so they didn't come yesterday' replied grandma.

Even though Lilly nodded at grandma's suggestion, she was fuming inside. Great. Just great. Terrific. What an awesome start to a day. And just when I thought things were not so bad either. Just shows that things usually always go from bad to worse... always. Argh!! Hmm....might as well go and check on the animals... and feed Strawberry.

After finishing a breakfast of egg-less, fluffy waffles with loads of a syrupy liquid made from raspberry, kind of like an alternative for maple syrup and a tall glass of apple juice, Lilly and David were busy finishing odd jobs.

Lilly fed the chickens hot mash, scattered the yard with corn, re-filled the water trough, and fed carrots to the horses in the stables and fed Coco the foal his favorite; sugar lumps. He nuzzled against her lovingly. She then fed Strawberry and packed him away in a wicker cat carrier. Then she and David trooped back in to clean up and pack.

Presently, Lilly emerged, dressed in white shorts and a red t-shirt, black Converse and her straight hair resting on her shoulders like a curtain. Her lips were a bright red patina and her eyes looked bigger and more pronounced with the eyeliner. She was carrying a black backpack. David, seeing her attire, shook his head as if in disdainful disappointment. She rolled her eyes. She could see that David was plainly dressed in brown shorts and a white shirt.

'Our usual short cut to April's place is across the fields, but since you're meeting her for the first time, I think you should go by road' said grandma in a contemplative voice.

'There are bicycles in the garage, you can take them. Listen carefully, you take the road out of the farm and the go to the road that is on the left, with a large apple tree. April's house is the only house on that road' directed grandma. 'Call me if you need anything, and keep your mobiles switched on' she reminded them.

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