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Hyunjin P.O.V

All my life I have been bullied. With every school I go to, someone finds a way to bully me about something. I have become extremely depressed and lonely thanks to all the bullying I have suffered through. Although I am good looking, to say the least, I am bullied for my personality.

I am someone who is very sensitive and weak and people make fun of me for it because I don't fit their "image" of perfection. I struggle with myself and my skills which makes me even more vulnerable.

"How can such a hot and manly looking guy be such a cry baby?"
"How can he be so good looking but suck at everything?"
"His only talent is having a nice face, the rest sucks."
"He is weak he needs to man up."

These are all the things I've heard throughout my life. I only have one friend by my side, his name is Changbin. We grew up together so we are childhood friends. In addition, he also has a similar personality to me which is why he stuck by my side, because he understands me.

I wish people would look past what they see on the outside and get to know me for who I am on the inside...

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