Chapter 2:Flashback

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Flashback , 2 years ago:

Normal POV

"So, how long are you going to train with my father?" Sarada asked Boruto.

"About two years, he said." Boruto replied.

Sarada exhaled a sigh. "That's a long time."

"Yeah, but it's worth the wait. After all, I need to get stronger to protect you when you're Hokage. Uzumaki's never break our promises." Boruto promised, smiling at Sarada.

Under the gaze, Sarada had little to no control of her blush. Fortunately for her, the Uzumaki was as a dense as a rock.

"Sarada? Are you having a fever? Let me see." He pressed his palm towards her forehead and muttered. " It is a bit warm, but no fever, dattebasa."

"I'm alright." She managed to say as she took his hand off her forehead.

"What about you? What will you do when I'm gone?" He asked in return.

"Well, it's not like I'll stand around waiting for you, idiot. I asked my mother and The Seventh if they could train me, and they said they could. So, I'll be training too." Sarada explained. "Oh, and do me a favor."


"Fight with me on the training grounds when you get back. A test of strength. Deal?" Sarada struck her hand out. Boruto took it with a grin.

"Deal." They shook hands as Hinata called."Bolt, ( her nickname and name for him) Sasuke is waiting for you by the gate."

"Looks like I got to go. See you in 2 years, Sarada." He walked to Sasuke, said one last goodbye and disappeared out of sight.

"Goodbye, You idiot."

Back to present time

Boruto POV

"So, how was training?" Sarada asked me while we're walking back to my house.

"It was good. I got better than before, but Master was very strict on me, 'ttebasa." I winced, recalling all those times he would punch me for being disobedient.

I could feel Sarada smirk when I said that. Smirk all you want woman. His fists hurt like hell!

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" She asked, swinging her arms this way and that.

Tomorrow? What the hell is she talking about?

"Tomorrow? The hell are you talking about?" She punched my right arm in response.

"Test of strength. You promised me 2 years ago, remember?" She flicked my forehead to remind me.

"Oh yeah." I said, wincing as I rub my arm and my forehead. She still hits as hard as I remember. "Totally forgot. Sorry."

We arrived at my house. Sarada sighed."Well, we're here. See you tomorrow, and don't be late. Bye." She waved and left.

I on the other hand, just stared at her back until she disappeared, glad to see those beautiful onyx eyes and long black hair again.

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