Chapter 14

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I had to meet with Stephan at 7 pm, under a tree where we used to spend our time together. I looked at the time. It was 19:10...He was late! And he told me to not be late!

I sighed with frustration. Kathy...How many times have we spent together under this tree...
We were young. Different. So much outgoing and innocent. She was adventurous. She was the one who would set up a plan so that we all can play with her. Our favourite game was "Pirates".

Kathy was always the princess and one of us had to save her. Stephan was always the Captain. Dan was usually the evil pirate who was thrilled to kidnap the precious, delicate princess and torture her.
I was usually the one to save the princess, since I loved Kathy so much.

Stephan would give me orders on how to save Kathy and I would listen. Stephan is a great leader. He always gets everyone to do what he says, since he has the childish spirit in his gut. Me and Kathy always admired him...But Dan never did.

I looked at the time. It was 19:30. Where the hell was Stephan??
I was about to call him when suddenly I get an old radio vibe in my ears. It was definitely Stephan's car... And he listened to Queen.

The car stopped right infront of me and Stephan got out. I gave him a mad look. "You're late"

"I am never late. You are simply early" he stated with a smile. I rolled my eyes and went close to him. "I can't believe you are so chill when we are going out for a kidnapper..." I tried to sound as manly as I could to make him think I was serious, which I was, and apparently make him feel bad for being so lazy and chill.

"I am not chill. Okay? I am trying to be chill" His eyes looked at the tree behind me. "Ah...That tree. So many memories from that tree...And from the kids that played under that tree" he sounded so sad, that I had to sigh so that we can change the subject.

Stephan looked at me with sorrow and pain, I swear I felt his eyes studying me for a long time. But then he hugged me. Although Stephan was a good leader, he was also known for how sympathetic he was. He made the greatest hugs and always cared for everyone. He was the kind of "big brother" guy...The one who warns you, entertains you and makes you smile...But at the same time, the most protective and sympathetic person you've ever met. Kathy loves him so much...

"Well, are you ready?" Said Stephan as he snapped me back to reality. "We need to find Kathy. She is in danger. So, will you come?"

I smile and nod.
"Yes, Captain"

We were at Dan's house. It looked like a normal house to be honest.
What did I expect?
Serial killers don't spread out the fact that they are villains. Stephan was staring at the house as well.

"This is the place...It looks the same since I can remember to be honest" he stated.
"I don't know, I've never been to his house"
"You should be glad" Stephan opened the car door and got out. I followed him after I untied my belt.

A strange smell was spread through the air that made me screw and cover up my nose. "Ew..." I heard Stephan say. "It smells like dead rats"
"I bet he's got some" I snicker and make Steph smile. "What shall we do now?"

"Hmmm..." Steph thought. "Maybe we can look through the window?"
"What window?" I asked curiously. Clearly, I couldn't see any window except one that in front of the house.

"There is one secret window in the back of the house" Stephan started walking towards the house in a crawling way, like a police man trying to catch the killer. I follow him, trying not to make any noise.
It felt as if we were in an action movie.

We crawled and crawled until we reached the back yard. There was truly a small window!
Stephan added a finger across his lips to tell me to be quiet. I nodded in response and lowered myself down to the window.

I could see Kathy! Dan was with her too! That bastard...He was the one from the very start.

They seemed to have a conversation, as Kathy was looking into an old box with various things inside. Dan was staring at her the whole time and talked to her.

After a moment they went upstairs. Me and Stephan sighed. "Now??" I ask but just then we heard a loud thump in the basement.
We both looked inside the window.
"What the fuck..." Stephan murmured.

It seemed like Dan had fallen inside the basement and he was locked inside. I blinked as I heard his screams and shouts at Kathy...But just then...I hear Kathy opening the front door and Dan's warning voice...

"Don't even think about it"


I ran. I ran as fast as my aching feet could take me. This was unbearable...I could not stand it.

Why would Dan do this to me? After all we've been through, our neverending enjoyable childhood..Just why...

The rain was hitting me across my face like small pins falling on me on purpose. How I hate this feeling. I stopped to my tracks and tried to concentrate on my surroundings.

I hear a sound. It must be him..I started to run again as far as I could. He was still close to me! I turned to my left and hid behind a trash-can. The smell of rotten fish and old meat hit my nose so I tried to cover the half of my face...The smell was unbearable.

One step. Two steps. Three steps! He is closer now! He whispers something intelligible...But then I hear him calling me out...
"Katherine...Katherine! Sweetheart...Where are you?? I promise I'll be very good to you~"

The way he called me really made me uncomfortable and disgusted.

This is just gross...I feel so tired. I can't tell what's real and what's not anymore as I close my eyes and slumber takes every little stress of me away...

My sleep is taken aback when I suddenly hear the familiar voice "Hey, little cousin. No games anymore."

I scream and scream and cry out for help but no one hears me because Dan covers my whole mouth with his large hand. "Shhh...It's okay little cousin, no one will hurt you now except me" he laughed and bit my ear. My scream echoes in the dead silence of the night but at the same time it sounds so muffled up and stuffed with flesh of my older cousin.

Tears fall down my face as he drags me back to my doom...His house.
I feel a strong pin pinching my neck which makes my senses less and less powerful...Within seconds I stop fighting against my cousin's hands and my vision becomes blurry...

I can only hear the familiar sound of a car...

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