20 - Unfaded Memories

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"This picture here tells the story really well"


"I'm sorry for all of this madam. I will provide everything for the termination" Bang Sihyuk replies politely to the couple, bowing deeply while the other staffs follow the action.

And together they spend time for a bit before the parents asks the staffs to go back home since they look tired. With the polite attitude, all of the staffs went back home, leaving just the boys and Jin's family again. Yulhee as she see everyone is too tired for everything, she herself tells the parents to rest because they straight away come to the hospital in rush from abroad. She reassures the parents that whatever happened, they are the first person she will contact, and inform everything. And with that, the parents went back home with heavy heart.

"You too, you should rest" Yulhee says to her fiancé softly.

"I want to stay here with him, with you" he replies.

"Just go back home and rest, I will be with the boys" she says warmly.

And he lose after fighting for some more time with her. After everyone left, she walks closer to the boys.

"Aren't all of you going back to the dorm?" she asks.

No one replies, everyone shakes their head.

"If that, follow me back to the room earlier, you guys can rest there" she says.


"It's Jin's private room" Yulhee says, after all of them step into the room closing the door softly, eyeing all those decorations on the wall and all.

"On his birthday this year, this room will marked the thirteen years being his room. All those things here are his. Those arts, those machines, those books and all are his. You can see the arts there and you can read the books there. I'm sure Jin will allow you to do that if he is here. I'm going out for awhile, rest for a bit" Yulhee says to them, smiling warmly before leaving the room.

Slowly the members make themselves comfortable in the room. As they walk closer to the bed to eyes all those beautiful arts and pictures located there on the wall, they noticed a picture. A picture of themselves with Jin. When did they take the picture? Why can't any of them remember that? As they closely eyes the picture, they saw a date there. A date just after Jin joined them and slowly they members remember the scene happened before of them and Jin. That was his first evaluation after Hyosang left. Why are all of them look so much happier in the picture? Bastards for sure. They sure know how to act in front of anyone, in front of the camera.

"I brought you food-" Yulhee says, as she walks with food in her hands.

"When did he put this?" Jimin asks her right after she came into the room while pointing the picture of them and Jin.

"Around months ago" she replies while walking closer to them.

"He was here?" Jimin asks again, gaining the attention.

"Yes, this room is like his second home other than his real home. I made him stay here for awhile because he is not doing well for the past months. That kid is stubborn as hell. He always ignored me when I told him to take it easy. I was so worried at that time and decided to make him stay here for awhile" she replies.

Then their eyes, travelling again on the wall, all looking at the other pictures, letters and drawings. Someone points a picture. A tiny little Jin on bed looking so happy with a 'v' hand pose, smiling while sitting on his bed with wires connected to his body.

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