19 - Weary Plead

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"I want to g-go home”


"Let’s eat. We will visit him later” Yulhee says again, smiling to them warmly.


When they are in front of the room, all of them can sense that the nurses, the doctors and everyone there are in tense. Something is happening. Yulhee told all six of them to sit down at the bench there first because she needs to confirm the situation if they can visit Jin or not. As they quietly sit down on the bench waiting for Yulhee. Namjoon, Yoongi and Jimin notice. They notice everyone outside the private ICU room, the nurses, the doctors and all are bowing to someone. Not only the three, but also the rest of them notice the same.

As the staffs are all bowing to the three visitors, their eyes wildly eyes everything. They notice a couple walk in rush with tears. The elegant looking woman has tears in her eyes while the tall man beside her is softly rubbing their hands together and behind them, there is a man follow closely behind. That man looks like Jin. The couple is so familiar to their eyes. It is like they have watched them somewhere on the tv or news or whatever. And then, the couple stops in front of them. Right at that time Yulhee walks out from the ICU and straight away greets the couple, hugging both of them and lastly the longest hugs she gives towards the man looking like Jin.

“He need to stay there for awhile. He is under the observation. They didn’t really tell me in detail because they are waiting for you” Yulhee says to the couple.

A clicks on their mind. That woman looks so much like Jin. She is so beautiful. The tall man, he has the same eyes as Jin. They are Jin’s parents. The man besides Yulhee is Jin’s brother.

“What happened?” the mother says in between her tears to the boys and Yulhee

“H-he save us. He-“ Taehyung replies.

“He got hit by the car” Taehyung says again.

The mother didn’t get angry over the fact that his son did that. She didn’t even get mad at all of them. Instead of yelling and screaming, all they got is a really long and warm hugs from her. The father too did the same to them. Are they really deserve this treatment? Why these people are so much like Jin. Too kind, too nice, too warm.

To Jin’s mother, to Jin’s father, to Jin’s family the boys are more effected because they are the one who watched all of the things, they are the one who were at the scene. They are probably feeling guilty for that. The parents whispers some really reassuring words to them. It is unbelievable that people like them exist. Their words are so warm, so calming and it is too similar to Jin. These selfless family. Who taught them to be this selfless especially in this world? This world doesn’t deserve this family. The world doesn’t deserve these people. They are too kind for this cruel world.

And just after the reassuring words, a doctor came out from the private ICU room greeting everyone especially the couple.

“He is awake but still too weak, he asks for his mother” the doctor says.

And Jin’s mother quickly rush in without muttering much. Her priority is her son. Her youngest son. When Jin’s mother enters the room. Jin cries. He cries harder, making his heartbeat uneven and the sound of the machine sounding loudly. Jin cries the moment his eyes met his mother's eyes.

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