Part 9 : The rest of Inkopolis

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'Cray... Cray...'

The gentle voice returned in Cray's head...

'Huh? Who are you again?'

'It's time to wake up... something terrible is coming'

Cray was shocked but also puzzled...

'Something's coming?! What is it? Answer me!'

'Wake up... Cray...'.

'I want to know... why don't you answer me?'

'Because only you can stop it....... wake up.....'


Before Cray could answer, he started to gain consciousness. His eyes started to open and began to hear a different voice as Cray was waking up...

"Wake up Cray..." a voice echoed through his left ear. This voice sounded quite familiar and got louder as he slowly gained consciousness "wake up Cray...".

Cray followed the voice's command and started to wake up and open his eyes...

After a moment, Cray was almost awake and could see Kate crouching beside him...

Her 2 long tentacles weren't in a ponytail but were back to normal with one on each side of her head...

"Wake up sleepy head...." Kate said.

"5 more minutes..." Cray started mumbling as his eyelids began to close.

"We got a big day ahead of us..." said Kate "you don't want to miss the rest of Inkopolis...".

"Please..." Cray moaned lazily "it's 8:30".

"actually the time is 12 o'clock" said Kate.

Cray jolted up from his sleeping bag and looked at the alarm clock on the table near him. It displayed 12:00 am...

"Wait, I slept that long?" Cray puzzled.

"Yep. I woke up before you at 10:20" said Kate.

"I guess that makes me a hypocrite then..." said Cray.

"Yes... yes it does..." said Kate "come with me. I made you breakfast".

Kate grabbed Cray by his arm and lifted him up to his feet.

She took him by the hand out of the bedroom to the kitchen table where Cray could see 2 plates of sausages and eggs.

"These look delicious" said Cray.

"Go ahead. Try them" said Kate.

The both of them sat down and began to eat their sausages and eggs. Cray's eyes lit up as he ate a bit of one of the sausage.

"It's tastes delicious too" said Cray.

"Glad you liked it... the sausages are made of fish as a alternative" said Kate "I didn't know what you guys usually ate so I did this to be safe".

"I see because all of the animals going extinct" said Cray "no matter. I love fish anyways. Where did the eggs come from?".

"The eggs came from seagulls" Kate replied.

"Oh... ok..." Cray said.

Kate was curious and sorta confused about Cray being so optimistic and bubbly all of a sudden but also being sad all the time. It felt like something was still bothering him.

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