chapter 2

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Zoe wasn't a fan of funerals.

She was dressed in all black. black tight work trousers, a small body hug black shirt and her work jacket, she didn't want to be here, close to family and people who never spoke to her mom before.

She just stayed away, avoiding any conversations from anyone.

Her teammates were around there too, making small conversations with people all around them. Zoe wondered how they could be comfortable, knowing that the bomber is still out there, ready to kill again.

Zoe had done a great deal of crying, but she wasn't one to showcase her feelings to the public, she was one to put up an hard surface, to make the world know and see that she wasn't it's slave and it wasn't her master. She was a boss of her own.

"Hey." Jillian's voice came up from behind her, she didn't have to turn back to see or know who it was, she knew very well that it was Jillian. "How are you holding up?" He asked.

"Quite alright. I wonder what we're doing here Jillian, we should be working." Zoe said.

"Not everything is about work Zoe," Jillian slid his hands into his pockets, looking around before continuing. "Today is a special day for your brother, why are you acting like you'd rather be anywhere else?"

"Cody would want me to find his murderer, and look at what I'm doing, standing and watching people give their fake smiles and stupid sympathy. We don't have much time Jillian, every minute we spend, every minute people die."

Jillian just watched her, he knew exactly what she was doing. "Zoe, don't blame yourself for this."

Zoe remained silent, so Jillian continued. "Don't pull that card okay, this is not your fault."

"Then whose fault is it? It is my job to protect the citizens, yet here I am, I let my own brother die."

"You had no idea."

"I was incompetent."

There was a small pause. Jillian decided to break the silence. "We'll stop Marcos."

"When? After the funeral?"

"Zoe," he placed his hand on her left shoulder. "We'll stop him. I promise."

Zoe looked up at him, his smile was reassuring and also contagious, she felt the corners of her lips tug up a little.

"Guys! Guys!" Harry ran up to them, he bent a little trying to catch his breath. He held up a finger trying to regain composure.

"What's going on?" Veronica walked up to them, followed by Neil, then Raymond.

"There's an- an attack, about to take place, we have to stop it. It's Marcos men, I think." Harry let out.

Zoe jerked up at the news, "where?"

"Danny's coffee shop." Harry said.

Danny's coffee shop was popular around the block, most people came there for lunch break.

"Set your gears guys! We've got work to do." Jillian said.

Getting down from the FBI SUV van, Zoe and her team took note of different departments, waiting outside the coffee shop, it's seemed to be pretty serious than what they expected.

Jillian and Zoe head out to a bald man with fine suit, who was talking over a walkie talkie. The man turned to them.

"Jillian Michaels, I'm with the FBI, my assistant Zoe Flair." Jillian said, flashing his badge.

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