Part 19

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Not proofread,  forgive the grammatical mistakes.

Clad in a yellow and white lehenga, Lavanya sat  on the stool kept for her. All were applying haldi on her. Arnav was made to sit in another room. Lavanya was very excited.

"Khushi,  why are you standing there? Come here. Won't you apply haldi  on me? " Lavanya purposely called Khushi.

" I have to look after many things. I will apply later" Khushi said.

"There are many servants to look after the works.  You are the main reason behind this marriage. C'mon, won't you do so much for your best friend ?" Lavanya said dramatically.

Nani stiffened.

"She is hell bound to hurt my sister. She knows how much Khushi loves Arnav and she is purposely doing this" Payal told Akash.

"I know,  this is becoming too much" Akash said.

"Yet we can do nothing. " Payal said sadly.

"I will check on Bhai"

"Go Khushi bitiya,  or else she'll start another drama" Nani said.

Khushi walked towards Lavanya. Lavanya didn't miss to notice the seriousness in her eyes. Khushi sat before her and dipped her hands into the haldi. She applied haldi on her.

I promise,  that you will be punished for all your wrong deeds.

Khushi saw her and faked a smile.

I feel so good by making you apply haldi on me. You are the reason for ASR to leave me,  now you are the reason for ASR to marry me.  Finally my money is back!   Lavanya thought, while looking at RM.


"Di,  don't apply too much. You know I don't like this" Arnav told Di.

"Yeah yeah I know. Stop fussing" Anjali chided.

"Everyone has put  haldi on me except Khushi." Arnav said looking at Khushi.

"What's wrong with you and Lavanyaji? Even she said the same thing " Nk said.

Arnav's smile vanished. Did Lavanya try to hurt Khushi? Arnav tried to stay calm.

"I think we should start washing off the haldi,  or else it will be very difficult to remove it later" Anjali tried to divert the topic.

Nobody wanted to make Khushi uncomfortable. Hence they didn't force Khushi to apply haldi on Arnav. Everyone left the room. Khushi was about to leave the room but Arnav pulled her back and locked the door.

He pulled her closer to himself. Khushi kept her hand on his shoulder blade.

"Didn't you hear what I said earlier? " he asked huskily.

"You look very eager to marry her" Khushi teased. "How does it matter if I apply haldi on you or not?"

"Abhi dulhan ne dulhe pe haldi nahi lagaya toh yeh shaadi poori kaise hogi? " he winked.

She blushed. She pushed him away and took bit of haldi and applied it on his face.

"Is it compete now? " She asked.

He nodded his head in a no.  He came closer to her,  she went backwards. She stopped when her back hit the bed. Her heart started to beat rapidly when he came closer. She was surprised when he rubbed his cheek against her cheek. He did the same with the other cheek.

He looked at her  flushed face.

"Ab poori hui (Now it's complete) " he whispered.

They were lost in each other until Arnav's phone rang. Khushi pushed Arnav. Arnav unhappily picked the call.

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