Episode 1~ chapter 1

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The big screen TV at the FBI building showcased flashes of short videos that were basically about the recent killings in New York city.

"People are dying! We aren't safe! We need help, what are the authorities doing? These mafia's are taking over the whole city!" The voice of a woman who clearly survived the major bombing at the popular mall in New York city, sent chills to everyone in the building.

The video showed the way fire fighters were quenching the heavy flames at the popular mall, the ambulance were carrying dead bodies in medical stretchers into the vans, some wounded victims cried in agony.

"As we can see here, there are so many people who suffered from the attack today, the people of New York city are panicking, what can we do to stop these Mafia terrorists? Why are the authorities not responding? I remain Blake Drewman from the RTM new-"

The screen went blank. Detective Zoe Flair, raked her hands through her hair as her eyes remained pinned on the blank TV screen.

Zoe Flair belonged to a popular team in the FBI, she was known for her strength and agility to her job, she was known to be very loyal to America, to New York city's authorities, At just the age of 24... So we could say that the attack made earlier today, affected every inch of her reserve, she just wanted to put an end to all those stupid mafia's who made their way to the top of the food chain, who thought that they could kill anyone they wanted.

Her eyes finally left the blank screen to meet that of her teammates whose facial features mirrored hers.

Meet Veronica Sanchez, the no nonsense lady in their team, she was just 25, not married but was a mother of the most cutest girl in the planet, the team took a liken to her immediately she was born. Veronica devoted her time to the team and her daughter, Gloria.

Raymond Gretoli, 27 years, a former US Marshall who got the FBI mantle for his strong sense of loyalty and humor! He was fun to be with, always ready to cheer up the team when things went haywire for them.

Neil Cullen, the handsome bad cop, Just 26 of age, he has the hots for Veronica Sanchez, who barely acknowledges his presence, still yet, he forces his way through her heart, and the team knew quite well that things would definitely fall into place.

And finally, Harry Fontier, the tech guy, also known as the most ignored in the whole FBI office, well let's just say he was way too nerdy for his own good, He was exactly the same age as Zoe Flair.

"What do you have on this case, Harry." Zoe voiced out, having no time to waste.

Harry adjusted his glasses as he typed away on his flat laptop, "well, it happened about an hour ago-"

"Tell us something we don't know." Veronica cut in.

"You didn't even let me finish." Harry gave her a look.

"I'll just go straight to the point. Meet Marcos Santiago," Harry put up a vague picture of the supposed Marcos Santiago on the big screen, each screens brought out different information about him. "I've been looking into him for a while now, and I figured out that he might be the head of this Mafia group terrorizing New York city."

"Might." Niel said.

"Well, as you can see, this is the only picture I could fish out on him, there's no ID of any kind registered to his name, all I've got is this photo."

The photo wasn't really clear, it was just a blur picture of a very defined man coming out of a Mobile store, you could hardly see his face.

"So, what are we waiting for, let's bring him in?" Raymond added.

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