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This cover is for LiveYoung101.


✖️Title: The Beast Within

✖️Subtitle*: N/A

✖️Author: LiveYoung101

✖️Summary: “Who could ever learn to love a beast?” He growls out angrily pushing his form away from mine. The coldness of the wind now invades the space he was just standing in. Tears threaten to spill as I casually look around the woods my only instinct to comfort him.


For he is the beast and she is his beauty.

✖️Genre: Werewolf, Romance, Mystery

✖️Mood: Grunge, dark, unique, mysterious

✖️Ideas: Please have something along these lines, have tree branches in the back ground with a full moon over the top of that with the picture below.

If the above idea is to hard then a wolf merged into a full moon would be great :)


✖️Anything else?: The only colours I would like on there are red, black and white.

Awwthentic Note: I liked the theme of the story. Reminded me of Beauty and the Beast so keeping in mind the beast thing and that it is a werewolf romance story I was looking for a werewolf image and I was lucky to find one. I had done the moon part completely anew as the original was not fitting in with the size of the cover and dragging and warping was hampering the pixels. I used masking and a little of curve to make it a shade darker. Most effects were done on the text as my love for text effects goes. hehe Overall, I'm glad it came out fairly well. :))

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Dated: 22/09/2014

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