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  The air was thick with body heat radiating off the people. Petite girls I am familiar from school carried trays filled with different kinds of drinks, wearing black and white skirts with check shirt were roaming around, offering them with a dirty smile. The amount of clothes covering them left little for the imagination.

Destruction, I wondered. These teenagers are on the wrong path, surrendering to the Satan and the worldly attractions, drowning their heads in alcohol, letting it control them when in reality they should be controlling it.

I weaved through the sea of people, careful not to attract any unnecessary attention. The stench of alcohol stimulated bile to rise in my throat, but I held my ground, and made my way towards the carpeted staircase that would lead me to him.

My prayers were answered; I didn't come across Aaryan. It almost seemed like a dream, but clearly it wasn't. What do people even find interesting about some lame parties?

Earlier, someone had called me, they'd barked through the loud music reverberating in the house, that Adian had been drinking too much that he was almost wasted. I had cringed. Hard. Yet, my heart still wasn't ready to accept this, and why'd I even believe this random strangers until I couldn't see through my own eyes. There was this hope, this desperation that kept the tears at bay. He had repented everything. He couldn't have drunk again.

On my way, boys gave me filthy stares, that made me want to run away from here, and crawl underneath my bed covers, hide forever. It made my body shiver, and my mind foggy. But, I couldn't let the society control me, I couldn't let all these people define who I am. Because in the end, it doesn't matter. We all would be lying in our own graves, carrying our own sins, and good deeds.


I stopped in my track, my hand inches away from turning the door knob of the room I was to find Adian in.

Uneasiness settled in the pit of my stomach when I glanced at Hannah's face, she looked ruined, like, she felt pathetically sorry for me. I hated seeing that very expression, maybe because I knew in my mind, that it appeared when Adian had done something bad, something my heart always refused to believe.

If it weren't her rapid breathing, her slightly sweaty forehead, I would have believed everything was alright.

It wasn't, however.

"Where's Adian?" I asked slowly. "In here, right? I—I got this weird call from some random girl saying he was wasted, like, how stuipid is that. . ." I shifted a little to the door, not breaking our eye contact.

She nibbled on her rosy pink lips, every action deepening my curiosity. "Aaleyah, hey, I don't thin—"

She never finished her sentence.

The door opened from inside, so did my heart. Actually, it just crumbled into pieces. I didn't know what came first, the tears, or the little sob.

"Adian?" I croaked.

No, not Adian.

Standing before my eyes was a blonde lady; long hair, short dress, high heels, beautiful features. She almost put me to shame. But I reminded myself; she wasn't beautiful from the inside. For a moment she looked baffled to see me, but as realization dawned on her, her mouth formed an 'O', followed by a slow, lazy grin.

Please, God! Please don't let it be what I am thinking. . .

And then Adian emerged from the dark, confirming my fears. Those eyes I was getting so familiar with widened in pure shock of horror. The redness in them gave away how much he had drunk already.

It felt like someone had punched me straight in my stomach, the blow so powerful that the contents of my stomach threatened to gush out. The horror on his face made me want to laugh evilly, enjoy his agony that reflected in his eyes, but suddenly I didn't have the energy. He kept on wiping the sweat off his forehead.

It finally clicked into place.

He was not alone.

Was Drunk.

Panic surged through me, raw and pure.

"No, no,no,no—It is not what you think—"

But I didn't stay there to hear out whatever lies he was about to tell to comfort me. I didn't let him explain, yet, once again a reason behind his mistakes. With tears all over my face, I grabbed my coat hung on the hanger, and ran outside.

I didn't bother to collect my shattered heart that I left inside.

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