Chapt.14 - Just Like Yesterday

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"You guys, can you not disturb us later?" Chase said out of the blue, as the were lounging inside. Everyone's face, except Chase had changed.

"Uhm... Why's that Chase dude?" Zuma says, trying to keep his smirk hidden. Chase just sighs "Well. You don't want to destroy us uhm... Hanging out. Just a little something so I could make up the days I missed spending time with her, y'know?" As a little smile crept on his mouth.

The four pups looked at each other "Sure Chase!" Marshall says, smiling brightly, while the other three did the same. The dark and light brown pup laughs "Thanks, I owe you a lot" he says.

As there was comfortable silence, someone said "So Chase, is it a date or something?" Rocky questions, smirking. Then Rubble bathed in "Ooh! Ooh!! Is it? Is it?!"

Chase was quite taken aback at this, that he had slightly stood up from his position "Guys! You've gotten it all wrong! It's just pretty much two friends hanging out at night, talking"

"Hah! That's what you think pup Dude!" Zuma pointed, laughing. Marshal joined in the laughing band "Come on Chase! Admit that you like her!" He teased.

Chase shook his head "Fine. I do like her. Well... Sorta" then someone bathed in "PFFT! SORTA CHASE? HAH! ZUMA TOLD ME ALL ABOUT THAT CHICKALETTA RESCUE INCIDENT!" Rocky yelled, and had laughed on his back.

Beneath all those fur, he could feel himself blushing madly, as his temperature then again, blasted to the roof.

"Zuma!" Chase whined, whimpering. Then a teary-eyed Chocolate labbed apologized im between laughs "HAHAHA-- I'm so sorry dude, it's just, so adorable to see how you get worried about her"

"Come on, admit it! Otherwise I'll pair you up with Marshall!" Then the Dalmatian and German Shpeherd made a blegh face. "Oh my dog, no Rubble! We're just brothers, geez" Marshall says, rolling his eyes, then began to chew on his toy again.

Then Zuma had the idea to tease their police pup"Well, you better admit it Chase, otherwise I'll be the one asking her out" then the three began to laugh again.

This had somewhat alerted and shocked Chase at the same time "ARE YOU BLACK-MAILING ME A POLICE PUP!? SERIOUSLY?!"

After he spoke, a short silence filled the room, which was followed by another burst of laughter. Chase began to whimper again "We're sorry Chase for pushing your buttons" Marshall says, as he places his paw on Chase's back, to show him they're really sorry.

"It's just, you, a serious pup, would go all softie when she's around" as Marshall then, removes his paw.

"I guess she has the effect on me..."he muttered, which he thought was a mutter. It was actually loud, that everyone heard him, so they all had gasped upon what he said.

Their eyes were wider than distance. Even the galaxy itself! "Was that..." Rubble started "A confession?" Rubble and Rocky said in unison, looking at each other with familiar smiles.

Chase knew it was that same smile they gave him when they ship him with Skye. "GAH! P-PLEASE NEVER. AS IN. NEVER. SPEAK OF THIS EVER. AGAIN" he yelled, embarrassed.

All the pups nodded "Sure thing Chase, I'm sure Skye would like to hear it better from the admirer itself. You" Marshall winked, as he went back to his pillow, where he left his chew toy earlier. All covered with dog drool. Which pretty much smells like dog treats from he ate earlier.

"Oh, speaking of Skye, why did she sleep again?" Zuma questions, then Rubble, who was constantly rolling on his pillow, who could possibly be a dog burrito at that time...

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