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Ik I said that I would use Matthew's eyes for this fic, but imma change it. I'm going to go by the book, so blue eyes.


"What a beautiful child," my mother cooed. "She has the eyes of her father, and the hair of her mother. Oh, Amelia. I wish you were alive to see it."

I frowned, and walked up to my mother. "Mom–" I nearly screamed. Because there I was, laid on a marble table, eyes closed, body rigid.

My body was adorned with jewelry, and I was in a white dress.

I was dead.

"Mrs. Branwell?" I heard my husband call out. He was in white. It was our custom to wear white when in mourning.

"Alec. Hello." My mother nodded.

"They're ready. Everyone's ready for the Rite of Mourning." He said, and then he  pulled out a white cloth and laid it over my eyes.

My mother raised an eyebrow at him. "My boy, are you?"

Alec sighed, the tension in his shoulders visible. "No. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever."

With that, my mother transferred my daughter into his arms. "Daddy's not ready to see mommy go, baby girl." He whispered to her. "But daddy warned mommy. He wished she had been more careful."

I woke with a startling gasp. "What the hell."

"Thank the bloody angel," Kane sighed. "You've been out for a week."

My eyes widened. "A week?" My hand unconsciously went to my stomach. " it safe?"

He lets out a breath. "Yes. The elixir Magnus gave you worked. It's also the reason why you've been out for awhile. The elixir was meant to heal you completely as long as your body was at rest."

I held a hand out, and Kane got the message, helping me up to a sitting position gently. "That was bloody sly of you. Risky, but smart."

"Where is everybody?" I asked.

He averted his eyes from me, and nervousness crawled through me. "Kane, what happened?"

"Lilith got sent back to Edom, but in doing that...Clary paid the price." I covered my mouth, shocked. Tears threatened to fall, but this time, I didn't dare stop them. They fell down like a waterfall.

Kane pulled me into his embrace. "Oh my god." I choked. "Are they.. Are they okay?"

"They're a mess," he admitted. We both pulled away. "You're good to leave." He told me.

I hopped off of the bed with a little help.

"Amelia, you should go talk to them. They...They know about the pregnancy."

I pursed my lips. "I will. Thank you, Kane."

• • •

I first freshened up, because I most probably smelled like death. Then I went to find them.

I found them in the armory, talking in hushed voices. I knocked on the wall, which was quite stupid.

Their attention shifted, and I watched as different emotions crossed their faces.

"I need to talk to all of you," I said quietly. Alec didn't greet me with open arms like usual, so I stuck to Izzy. Figured she'd understand more.

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