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Chu Feng turned back and noticed a woman. They were about the same height, but their figures were different.

"Apologize!" The woman demanded.

"I'm sorry. I didn't see you there." Chu Feng said apologetically.

But her apology was unacceptable to the woman.

"Kneel and apologize to me!" She demanded again.

Yang got angry and was about to say something when she was interrupted by Chu Feng: "Miss, I've already apologized to you. I will not kneel. It was my mistake and I've already said my part to apologize for it."

"No! I want you to kneel! I said to kneel!" She said demandingly with her hands crossing each other. "I will only take your apology if you kneel down to me!"

"Xiao Man!" A man said behind Chu Feng. "Stop it. She already apologized."

"But brother!" Xiao Yan said. She knew that Chu Feng had already apologized, but since Chu Feng was much more beautiful and had a much nicer looking body than her, it made her furious.

"My little sister is making trouble for--" the man didn't finish what he was saying when he noticed that Chu Feng was already gone. He wanted to ask for her name and what family she came from. He was really attracted to the beauty and attitude of hers.

Disappearing was a good idea for Chu Feng, however. The moment she saw him, she knew that he was the third male lead. If she hadn't seen the jade pendant on him, she wouldn't have known. It said 'Xiao' on it which was the surname of the third male lead and only he had that jade pendant for he was the heir to the Xiao Clan. She wishes that she does not meet him again.

After finishing looking at the stores and buying what she needed, Chu Feng hurried off to her home.

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