The Worst Case (2)

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After finishing bathing, Chu Feng was only still putting on her outer robes when Yang came in, yelling out: "Miss, Concubine Yi wants to see you."

"Yang, stop with running and yelling, no man would want you if you do not stop that," Chu Feng said.

"As long as I am able to stay with Miss, I do not care," Yang replied.

Chu Feng nodded and Yang showed her the way to Concubine Yi. Concubine Yi was at the garden smelling flowers. 

Looking at Concubine Yi, although she wasn't really considered a real beauty by the readers of the story, she was appealing in some ways. In the novel, Concubine Yi took really good care of Han Qin Xi like she was her own daughter. She raised Han Qin Xi and spoiled her with everything she had. Concubine Yi stayed on Han Qin Xi's side every time, even if Han Qin Xi was in the wrong. But because of it, she lost her life. 

The Concubine Yi currently in front of Han Qin Xi crouched down to smell the flowers on the bushes which made her alluring and look young although she was already 54. Her dress was bright yellow, making her look like a flower goddess. Although at an old age, she looked very young like she was in her 30s. She must have been paying attention to her appearance as many others when they got old. As soon as she saw Han Qin Xi, she immediately stood up and wave at Han Qin Xi.

"Qin'er, I heard you're going to leave the household and make a new one of your own. You've grown up so well. I can still remember when you first came here. Ah~ how I wish for you to stay here longer, but you are a woman and you must have your own bearings." She said to Han Qin Xi.

"Qin Xi will miss Concubine Yi very much and does not want to leave," Chu Feng said with a cute voice. She knows that Concubine Yi and Han Qin Xi had a very intimate relationship from reading the backstory of the male lead. This woman was also favored by the Headmaster for her kindness and loveliness. She did not compete for the Head Master's affection with the others but was given to her willingly.

"Ah~ how it hurts me to not be able to make you stay longer. Qin'er ah~" Concubine Yi said. "I just wish for your happiness and hope you do not fight for Prime Minister's affection but gain it instead ah~. Please, do not cause harm to yourself. I know that you are also unwilling to wed Prime Minister, but I do not wish to see you get hurt. Prime Minister is known for his kindness and handsomeness. He is also very much loved by this country. Becoming the wife of the Prime Minister will be hard work, but as his wife, Qin'er must help Prime Minister and bear his children."

In Chu Feng's head, she already thought of the consequences for meeting the male lead. Anyone who gets in the female lead's way will be unfortunate, like the second female lead who died protecting the male lead even though he did not love her. His kindness and handsomeness cause so much death and will also cause her death.

Seeing that Han Qin Xi was not giving a reply and was deep in thought, Concubine Yi continued, "However, please come visit home whenever Qin'er wants. I'll be waiting for Qin'er. I've said all I wanted. I have to leave now."

"Please take care, Concubine Yi," Chu Feng finally said something and left to her room. By the time she got back, it was already in the afternoon.

Without going to her room, Chu Feng said: "Yang, I want to go buy something. Let's go outside."

Yang only nodded and followed behind.

Outside was noisy. It was full of people of all ages. Some kids were watching cricket fights, catching Chu Feng's attention. Curious, she went to watch it too. Taking a step back because there was a lot of people, Chu Feng stepped onto a person's foot.

"Ah!" A woman's voice shouted. "Apologize right now! You stepped on my foot!" 

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