Chapter Forty Six

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Shame is all that I feel.

Chase and I lay in bed, my head on his chest, as I cry. I can't help the tears, as they pool onto his shirt. At least the bleeding from my neck has stopped, thanks to Chase and his first aid abilities. But the mark is still there, stuck upon my neck, a false representation of a mate bond that doesn't actually exist.

"This doesn't change anything, you know," Chase murmurs, his fingers running gently through my hair. I glance up at him, raising an eyebrow as he gazes down at me. "I still love you. You're still my mate. We will fix this."

"Quiet," I breathe. "He can hear us."

Chase sits up, forcing me too as well. He's frowning at me, and for a moment I can't tell why. I'm numb, nothing makes sense right now. But of course, this is big news.

"He admitted that all this time, he has been seeing through your eyes. I'm assuming it's because he is the original host of the body. He can hear everything right now. It means no more talking about anything. Okay?" I say. He looks defeated for a moment, and then angry, and then, in an instant, he calms.

"Well, I suppose there's that. I guess we are going to have to get rid of that mark quickly, before he has a chance to come back," Chase says, making me turn around to face him. Reaching up, he pulls my hair back to look at the wound. I see a flicker of frustration.

I grab his hand between mine. "This mark isn't important. What is important is you telling me what Ren did. What you've been keeping from me."

Chase closes his eyes for a moment, breathing in deeply.

"Ren has an explosive anger issue, as you may already be aware of. Thankfully you haven't been the victim of it too drastically, unlike his parents, and his brother," Chase tells me. I frown, tilting my head. Ren hurt his parents? I haven't heard much about his family in a long time, and not once has he mentioned anything to me about them.

My eyes widen, as my brain struggles to comprehend what I've been told. Ren hurt his own family? I knew he had issues, but I assumed that was because of everything that happened with Chase, not because of his own issues.

"How badly did he hurt them?" I ask warily. I'm almost too scared to hear what Chase knows. But I need to know, if I'm going to keep doing this.

Chase looks grim.

"Well he had an accident and lashed out at his brother during an argument, and hurt him so badly, there was no hope for him. After his parents tried to convince him to leave, to find another life elsewhere as he could no longer be an Alpha, he then lashed out at them. He killed all three of his only family members, and became Alpha right after," Chase tells me.

Closing my eyes, I loosen a breath. It's hard to hear, but at the same time, it doesn't shock me. He's a master manipulator, making me fall for him in the beginning, only to keep all this from me. Chase needs to get these riches and get Ren out of here.

Suddenly, Chase swears, making my eyes flutter open. He's wincing, clutching both sides of his head, looking in immense pain.

A trickle of blood trails out his nose, down his face.

"What's going on?" I questions, reaching for his shoulders to stop his from falling over. He shakes his head a few times, before he wipes his nose with the back of his hand, seeming to come right in an instant.

"Ren obviously isn't very happy I told you this information about him. He's trying to regain control of me again, but failed," Chase says, letting out a sigh. I'm relieved, but as I look into that dull green eye, it haunts me knowing behind it, Ren is still able to watch us, hear us. I'm not going to let it keep us from what we need to do.

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