Chapter Forty Five

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This should be easy. Should be.

If I weren't suspicious of him, or knew nothing about Chase, then I would have no trouble going into my mates room. But still, I'm hesitant, unsure of what will go down if I take a step inside that room, with Ren, and no Chase there to protect me in case something happens. In case something is brought too far...

Lying in my bed, staring at the roof, I contemplate my next move. Maybe I'm being over dramatic. Ren had interest in taking me to bed at some point, but that was a few days ago. Now, it seems like the idea of me turns him off completely.

If I get this key, none of that will matter anymore. All I need to do is find it, and it has to be in that room. And if it's not...

Well I guess I'm out of options.

Should I do it now? Somehow I doubt that Ren will be all that accommodating if I do show up at his door, wondering if I can come in. But it is something a mate would do, and I am trying to be his mate. I'm just as curious as to why he has suddenly been uninterested in me, when earlier he acted like I was his whole life. I'll have to figure that one out too.

Hopping out of bed, I run a brush through my hair, spray on some perfume, and pad out into the hallway. This might be me setting myself up for rejection, but I'm willing to take that chance. It's not going to be easy. To seduce him, but also not to seduce him.

I would never do anything to hurt Chase like that.

Wrapping my gown around myself, I fight off the nightly cold that drifts into these halls once the sun falls. It's an ominous feeling which I try my best to brush off.

When I reach Ren's door, I don't bother knocking.

The curtains in the room are open, when I wander through his quarters to his bedroom. The moonlight shines in onto the bed, lighting him up. He sits, awake, despite the hour, shirtless, staring out the window. In his hands, is a key, flashing against the reflection of the light, just the sight of it makes my heart completely stop.

He doesn't even look at me, as he begins to speak. "I was waiting for you to figure it out. For him to tell you about it. Now you're finally here."

This was all for nothing. This entire time, he has been aware of what has been going on between Chase and I. He knows my true motives all along, and now I'm standing, vulnerable in a room with him, all my lies spread out across a table.

"How do you-"

"I could hear everything you know. The whole time. I could see everything, through his eyes, which clearly you two never realised," he comments, a smile stretching across his face visible from here, despite the darkness. Hearing those words out of his mouth make me recoil. I need to get out of here, off this island.

The word everything plays in my mind over again and I stare at him. All the conversations we had about him, all the plots, he knew. He was playing me as much as I thought I was playing him. All our plans have fallen apart.

"And I didn't even need to get you in bed myself. It was like I was enjoying your body through him. And hell, I enjoyed it, alright," he murmurs.

Nausea swirls in my stomach. He witnessed me and Chase having sex...Suddenly I want to vomit, or maybe scream and pull my hair out.

"You're disgusting," I growl.

"And you want this key. And guess what, you can have it. If you come and get it," he says, laying the key down on his stomach. The surface of the key almost seems to wink at me, daring me to take a step toward the bed and grab it off that toned abdomen I enjoyed the night me and Chase got together.

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