Chapter Forty Four

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I'm convinced I've gone too far this time.

Ren would have given a tip off earlier if he has any interested in sharing information with me. He doesn't want to be honest with me, or share anything with me, even has his mate and Luna. All these doubts flood my head at once, my heart sinking deep within my chest. I'm going to fail Chase with the one thing he trusted me with.

"I don't have much that I keep to myself, really," he tells me, leaning back into the grass. I'm still disappointed, despite knowing this was going to be his reaction. "But anything I would keep would be somewhere I spend a lot of time, if I were ever to need to."

It's subtle, and not intended as a hint, but I cling to that piece of information. It's the first real lead I've received from his mouth.

I just have to find out what he means.

"Alright, your turn," I say, forcing myself not to react too dramatically. We are playing a game still, and now that I have what I want, all I want to do is find this 'special place' to him. I can't, thorough. I need to play this smart, which means gaining his trust, and letting him feel like I'm trusting in him.

"Is it hard seeing me when you know Chase is in my head?" He asks me, watching me intently. His obsession with how I see Chase only highlights his insecurities. Kaden clearly got into his head, and now he's pretending to believe it's not true.

Shrugging my shoulders, I pretend to think about, despite knowing the answer perfectly well. "When you love someone so much, all you see is them."

It couldn't be more true, in this case.

Ren smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes. The way he reacts feels empty, but I dismiss it. Deep down, I know he's struggling to accept that he doesn't actually feel anything for me. However, he feels a spark and assumes we are true mates, and I should be his Luna. Even if he is still skeptical of me.

"My question, is will you ever introduce me, or let the Pack know I exist? As the Luna?" I ask him. It's not something I care for, admittedly, but perhaps it's a questions any questions girl would make in my situation.

"Of course. The sooner the better. Just once Chase is gone," he informs me. Hopefully this event will never come, and I won't have to worry about being "shown off" to the Pack.

A curious thought pops into my head.

"So do you truly not have any way of getting Chase out right now?" I ask coyly, coming off interested but not too involved. I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that Ren does know how he's getting Chase out, but refuses to tell me. He's waiting for the best time to strike, to end it all without involving me in any way.

"I'm thinking of going back to the women in the Devotion Pack who put him in my head in the first place, and demand she takes him away, forever," he tells me firmly. I can't help but shiver at that admission. It feel so...cold.

I'm almost concerned with what pops into my head, and for a moment, I almost don't ask, but of course, I do. "And if she doesn't?"

"Threaten her life, her family. Anything really."

I don't let Ren see my expression, so I turn away, disgusted. Thankfully, I murmur something about how we should head back to the house. Thankfully, Ren agrees, seeing no oddness in my reaction to what he told me. We walk back up the hill while I make general conversation about how good the view is.

How did I not notice this between us earlier? Ren used to make effort to try attract me, when he trusted me, when he knew I didn't know anything. Now, he regards me as lower than him, a woman who can't be trusted because I might be tempted by Chase.

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