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ALL MIRACLE COULD FEEL IS LOVE FROM HER WOLVES, THEY TOOK HER UPSTAIRS AND PAUL PUSHED HER UP AGAINST THE WALL Miracle let out a gasp and looked at Paul. "Baby girl can we mark you?" Paul said lustfully, she looked around seeing the wolves and the human eyeing her up and down. She nods and Paul gently grabs her a puts her on the bed taking her shirt off in progress. "Wait Paul, shouldn't we let Miracle pick?" Emily said trying to ease the tension between everyone. Paul nods and stands up to let Miracle to decide, she looks at everyone, "I don't really mind who goes first." The brunette says timidly everyone looks at Paul groaning by saying you can go first. 

Paul looked at her grinning like an idiot looking towards the brunette who blushed, adverting her big brown eyes away from the hot-headed wolf. He growled playfully before lifting up her leg with his eyes roaming up her thighs up onto her denim shorts and takes her right leg carefully; kissing the spot he was going to choose and bit deeply into her making her let out a painful yelp clutching onto the bed sheets, tears rolling down her cheek. As Paul got deeper Miracle let out a moan and Paul let go of her leg and looked at her with caring eyes. 

Paul went back downstairs and told Jared that he could go up and have his turn with their mate, Jared walked upstairs and rushed into the room looking at his beauty who was lying on the bed with red puffy cheeks. she looked at Jared as he climbed on the bed carefully, his warm hands went onto her waist this is where he wanted to mark her. He leaned down and kissed her lips then opened his mouth and put his sharp teeth into her, she did the same with Paul. Jared pulled out and wiped the blood from his and Paul's mark and wiped away her tears.

He walked were the other wolves were and let two go up this time convincing Sam that she's in pain and it will be quicker. Everyone nods and Sam sends up Seth and Leah, they rush up and walk into the room and climbed on the left and right side of each other and figured that they should both go for her shoulders. They both did what the previous wolves did and let go of her, cleaning the mess that they've made and kissed her cheek. Leaving the room to go get Embry and Quil.

"Hey honey, cutie," the both say as soon as they seen their mate lying on the bed with, red puffy eyes, cheeks and bite marks over her body. They approached her slowly and took a strand of  hair and put it behind her ear and looked at each other. Quil took her left thigh and Embry took her other side other waist next to Jared. They felt bad for hurting her but it was the only way to get marked by a wolf. As they sucked on the spot that they're going to mark Miracle clutched onto the bed sheets yet again with her dear life. They bit into her soft flesh and marked her as theirs. They looked up into her eyes and seen the pain on her face they bit down deeper, making her face turn from pain to pleasure. She moaned as they hit the good spot, they let go and licked the blood away. They cooed at Miracle before walking away to get the last two, Sam and Emily. The Alpha and the human mate.

They walked upstairs and saw the state their mate was in, Emily scurried over and tried to calm her down. Emily wiped all the blood away with a face towel, she looked at Sam and nodded to him. "There, there little one." Sam said calming her down, "just us two to go then you can rest." 

Emily went first and went for Miracles collar bone and gently stroke her cheek before sucking on that spot then taking a bite. Miracle squirmed underneath her and squeezed Sam's hand. Once Emily was done it was time for Sam who was trying to be gentle. He sucked on her neck making her let out a moan, the Alpha chuckled he found his mates spot where he was going to mark her. Emily stroked her cheek and held onto her other hand, Sam bit into her and marked her as his. Miracle squeezed both hands and looked at her mates with passion. She was now their mate and apart of the pack.

That's all she remembers before she is drifted into darkness.


Thank you for reading this is a longer chapter because I wanted it to be special.

~DevineRoses Xx

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