Alpha's Baby Watty Awards

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Oh god! I groan rolling over to my side. What did I do last night? Why am I so sore? Hmm let me think. I remember my 'friend' telling me that I needed to get out of the house. That I needed to party for just one night. So I let her talk me into coming to this party. The soon to be Alpha's party to be exact. Then I remember drinking a beer then another and another and so on. Then I remember not caring and drinking a couple of red cups. After that....crap I got nothing.

I roll over to my other side and hit something hard. I open my eyes, look up and almost scream. I almost panicked but I was careful not to. I can panic later. Holy shit! This cannot be happening. I knew this bed was too comfortable to me mine.

Laying next to me is the fucking future alpha NAKED. I lift up the sheets and I'm naked too. I groan. Not good, not good. NOT GOOD AT ALL! One I swore I'd never land up as one of his bed buddies. This is the fucking alpha. Man whore central here. Virgins come to him to lose it. Boys come to him to learn.


And I stupidly gave it away. Fan-fucking-tastic!

I slither quickly and quietly to get out of bed and get dressed. Once I did I snuck out of his room. Quietly. Yeah right, like I'm gonna making any noise. I don't want to wake him up. Maybe I'll get lucky and he won't remember. I snuck downstairs quietly hoping no one will see me doing the walk of shame and out the door I go. I let out the breath that i didn't even realize I was holding when I shut the door behind me. I quickly take off walking.

I can't believe I lost my virginity to the freaking alpha. I swore I'd save myself for my mate. He's going to hate me once I find him. He's never going to want me. He is going to reject me! Great now I'll be mate-less forever. And I lost it the worst way possible. Drunk. I wanted my first time special and with my mate. What the hell was I thinking last night? Just a drunk mistake that's all it was. And I really don't even want to know how it happened.

I start crying, I was feeling horrible. I'm so stupid. I never wanted this to happen. Never. I'm a stupid whore and soon everyone is going to know. They are all going to think like they never got screwed over by him before. Like they always do. Awe poor girl got screwed over by Chris or Chris gets another notch in his belt. I can't believe I did that. When I reach home I quietly open the door hoping no one is home. Luckily their not.

I roll my eyes. Like that's anything new

They probably didn't even realize that I left, much-less that I didn't come home. I run to my room and take a shower. Trying to wash away the filth. Or maybe I just feel that way. I feel dirty, cheap and used. After an hour long scolding hot shower of scrubbing my body, I check myself in the mirror and it's bad. I got hickeys all over my body. I go to room and change clothes, fall on the bed and let my tears fall. I'm such a whore. How could I have been so stupid? I can't believe I did that. I never meant for it to happen. I don't know how it happened. I've never done anything remotely like that. I feel like a broken record. Oh god I'm not on birth control. Oh shit! I cry harder not knowing what to do. No wait. He's the alpha. He can only get his mate pregnant I think. Oh god now I can't remember.

I stayed in my room until my so called mother called me down for dinner. 

"Hi mother." I mutter.

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