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My insides were telling me not to cry as I caught Harry kneeling beside my dead fish. Caesar, Tybalt, Forrest and Fish. They... They were gone. "You murdered them."

I couldn't look at them as they floated to the top, blatant and very clear fear in their tortured eyes. I bet they were so taken aback from this. "Harley, listen to me-"

"No!" I choked, coughing afterwards as I tried to retain myself. I began picking the ends of my hair tie around my wrist and letting it snap around my skin repeatedly. "Why did you do this?"

"It wasn't on purpose!" He defended. "It was the heater."

"I'm going to throw up." I cried, putting my head into my hand as I breathlessly panicked.

"Don't throw up." He spoke sternly, not having the slightest ounce of emotion.

I was infuriated. The anger was boiling up inside of me and I couldn't contain it. "Those fish meant everything to me. As soon as you come into this house you fu...fu...f-f-...f..uck... You f-uck everything up!"

Harry went still as I swore, he was completely taken aback as he just stared at me in shock. "You... swore?"

"Yes," I breathed heavily. "And I'll say it again... F...uck! F...uh..ck! God, Harry. You made me take the Lord's name in vain, and you made me swear!"

He had a smirk on his face, puzzling me. "You have some serious issues."

I immediately shook my head. "No, I don't."

"Did you stop developing mentally at the age of twelve?" He taunted me with another smirk. I insecurely crossed my arms, and shook my head again.

"Why are you so rude?" I whispered, my tears already flowing from the fish incident but now he was being mean?

He only rolled his eyes. "You're just so naive."

"Stop calling me that!" I cried, more anger erupting out of me. "You know what? What I said yesterday was untrue. Bad people aren't misguided, because you had a family that you let down and I'm pretty sure they never misguided you." I frowned my eyebrows as my glare increased. He lost his smirk but he didn't look upset, more irritated.

He somehow cracked a small, false smile, but his eyes said different. "Harley, I want you to listen to me very closely. You are worthless to me. Your opinion on myself means absolute shit. But my opinion on you is something that you could learn from. So here it goes. To me, you are a clueless, little girl who really doesn't know when it's time to shut your fucking mouth. No one in school likes you, I don't even think Devon likes you. And it's because you are stuck up, obnoxious Christian and no guy is ever going to want to screw that."

I only nodded as I sniffled a little, pretending that it didn't hurt me but inside I was breaking. I knew there was a reason he was so mean. "I feel sorry for you." I whispered.

He sceptically looked at me. "Why would you feel sorry for me?"

"Because... Because you're trying to make me feel bad about myself, but for what? So you don't have to feel bad alone? Why are you unhappy with the world when you have eveything?"

He tensed as he shook his head. "Not everything."

"Sure you do. You have friends, looks and just... you have the ability to not mess up every sentence you say. You have everything I wish I had. So, what haven't you got that makes you so mad at the world?" I almost yelled in frustration as he swallowed hard. I breathed deeply, hoping he wouldn't take that to heart.

But he did. "You think that's important? To be around people who smoke and make an effort to look good? You know what's important to me? Having a family that wants you home every night before five and makes sure you're working hard in school. I want a family that looks out for one another, and not some dysfunctional group of people who aren't ready to take that responsibility. You think you have it hard? Why don't you just take a good look around you and realise that you have everything?"

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