Part 8 : Hope

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Kate covered her eyes with her hands as tears made of Ink came flowing out.

" how could I let this happen?" Kate sobbed to herself as she started to cry.

The other Inklings and Octolings stared at Kate with a sympathetic look on their faces.

"What are my friends gonna say?...I'm pathetic!....I can't even do a simple task to help a human..." said Kate "and now...... he's gone".

Kate begged in her mind for Cray to come back to her... for some reason she couldn't help but feel sorry for Cray all this time.

A long moment of silence passed...

The ocean became calm and quiet...

No sound could be heard other than the waves that rested upon the shore...


Suddenly the giant salmonoid fish creature lifted back up from the ink and oil. opening its mouth...

"HELP ME!!!" Cray yelled in the jaws of the beast.

"Cray?!" Shouted Kate in confusion "You're alive?!".

"I got it's tongue!" Cray yelled "help me! I'm holding it with my life right now!"

"Wait their Cray! I'll rescue you!" Shouted Kate.

The giant salmonoid closed its mouth with Cray still inside and returned back down.

It then rose up to a different location of the spawning grounds and opened its mouth again.

"I can't hold on much longer!" Cray yelled more.

Kate rushed towards the giant salmonoid again with her splattershot and began to shoot at it. The salmonoid rose back down to the ground.

"Stay calm Cray! I'll help you! Just try to keep hold of it's tongue!" Kate stayed determined.

The giant salmonoid rose up and down again. Cray tried to say something but it was interrupted by the giant salmonoid every time he said a syllable.

"I am not. bad at I? I'm actually. really good. at fishing" said Cray as the giant salmonoid kept on going up and down.

"Your doing great!" Kate replied "Just stay there, I got a plan!"

"That's. the only thing. I can do!" Cray yelled even more with the giant salmonoid still interrupting him.

Kate parkoured over multiple obstacles and other salmonoid to pursue the giant salmonoid whilst shooting at it as it kept on bopping up and down with Cray inside.

Unfortunately though, Kate couldn't keep track of the salmonoid's movement and kept missing with every shot...

Kate managed to chase the giant salmonoid around the entire spawning ground a couple of times but still, Kate couldn't hit it.

"Ugggh I hate Maws!" Said Kate as she was still in pursuit of the salmonoid which was apparently called a maw.

Kate suddenly got a different idea. A plan that if just right and with a small amount of luck, could save Cray.

"Cray!" Kate Shouted to the maw rather bossily.

"What?" Cray replied as he pushed the mouth of the maw open to hear.

"I need you to guide the maw to me" said Kate "when you do, you must open it's mouth".

"But that'll kill you" said Cray.

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